Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)

This movie was okay. I didn't like most of the scenes which involved hallucinations. The one with the stained glass was alright. Furthermore, the narration was a little annoying. I suppose, however, it moved the story along and wasn't as out of place as the hallucination scenes.

Watson (left) arrives at school. In the background is Holmes (right).

Overall, I thought the movie was okay.


Instant Comments:
The movie starts with a cold open. Showing the first murder before starting the opening credits.
"I should have mastered the damn thing by now." [...] "3 days."
Interesting he called it a failed attempt. It seemed like a very successful flight. Though maybe he wants flight, whereas his device seemed to be less flight and more of gliding.

"Where'd you get that rubbish from." "It's framed. On the wall behind you."

A scene plays after the credits finish rolling.
"I'd like a room please."

Watched 20101126 (Netflix, Instant)
Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) Barry Levinson. 109 min

Watson and Holmes in chemistry class.

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