Amélie (2001)

I love how the movie started: the whole first fifteen minutes or so consist of narration. In particular, I thought the opening credits were done beautifully. The scenes were creative.

When the movie gets rolling and we are introduced to the main character Amélie, I find that she's sort of odd, but in a way in which I can relate. Sometimes, she is over-the-top strange and I questioned some of her actions. In any case, I had definitely hoped throughout the movie that she would find love.

Eventually all the pieces started to come together and certain parts of the movie just culminate to the end. It's all very clever and I find the movie continually adds something fresh to the story. In all, the movie is a bunch of short stories cleverly sewn together into a single, cohesive story.

I especially love the movie's visuals and how it pays attentions to the small details.

I would recommend that everybody watches this movie at least once in his/her life; its visually aesthetic and the story-telling is clever.

[20140603 Edit]

I distinctly remember watching parts of this film after recommending it to my sister. It would seem, however, that today (20140603) is only the second time I've seen the movie in full.

I should note that having only seen the movie in full for a second time comes as a surprise to me, because the movie is so charming that I feel like I've seen it several times over.

If you haven't seen Amélie before, then I highly recommend you put it on your list of movies to watch.

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Watched 20101112 (Netflix, Instant) English subtitles, French audio. 122 min.
Watched 20140603 (Netflix, Instant, HD) English subtitles, French audio.
Amélie* (2001) Jean-Pierre Jeunet. 122 min.
*Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain (2001)
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