Year One (2009)

Sometimes a good ridiculous comedy is a good break from the monotony. And this movie had some good ridiculous laughs. There's little depth to the movie and the plot consists of various events strung together.

20110107 Comment:
I'd like to clarify that little depth is okay when that's when you expect from a movie. And so for some purposes a movie can lack depth and still be a good movie.

20110607 Comment:
The beautiful Olivia Wilde is in this movie. Christopher Mintz-Plasse is also in this movie. Note: I've been going through all the labels and removing labels for actors and actresses who don't have at least three posts to their name. Perhaps eventually I'll require at least four. However, I still want to make some note of actors and actresses I've seen before.

I just watched The Mule and wanted to follow up with something light. I remembered that I saw this movie already, which would make it an even lighter watching.

On 20231110, Netflix determined the movie for me as a 95% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.
Instant Comments:
2a: Smile. The armpit hair.
2a: Hahaha. "Okay now she's just asking for splinters."
2a: HAHAHAHA. "I'm going to run!!!"
2a: Disgusting!!! He licks it. He bites into it. OMG. Obviously fake but the thought is enough to be disgusting.
2a: Oh. Paul Rudd.
2a: Huh. I recognized the face but couldn't pin it. It's David Cross (Arrested Development)
2a: HAHAHA. "What have I continued to do?" [Cain murdered Abel]
2a: Does he mean it in a neutral way? ("You may lay with my daughter Lilith") ["Be fruitful and multiply"]
2a: Hehe. "We'll take a look at it when we get to Sodom."
2a: Smile. "Which of the two city has the most whores?"
2a: Smile. The misunderstanding of the "holy of holies"
2a: Paused at the 1 hour 8 minute mark. Too sleepy.
2b: Smile. Their argument.
2b: Hahaha. THat's a lot of pee. I know it's just comedic, but he definitely could have controlled the path by leaning
2b: "hyperbole"
2b: Smile. "sodomy... the refusal of sodomy"
2b: Smile. His brother Abel.
2b: The whoever should throw a stone allegory butchered
2b: Haha. The handwaving.
2b: Hahahaha. "I'm not a slave, I'm a volunteer."
2b: Haha. "I'd love to see how big you are without your whip." "Same basic size."
2b: Smile. "dead birds"
2b: "Just kiss me."
2b: Haha. Opening the mouth and thinking of introducing the tongue.
2b: Funny bloopers
2a=20231110, 2b=20231111

Watched 20101104 (Netflix, Instant)
Watched first two-thirds 20231110, remaining third 20231111 (Netflix, Instant)
Year One (2009) Harold Ramis. 97 min.

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