Rocky (1976)

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Rocky (1976) John G. Avildsen. 119 min.

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At first I thought the movie was kind of silly, but I think I liked it better as it went on.

In particular, I didn't find the introduction that great, but I really liked the scene where Rocky and Adrian first kiss. I also thought the ending was well done.

The relationship between the manager and Rocky felt poorly developed. Actually, a lot of the relationships between characters felt unfinished.

Of course, I love the famous training montage.

"Adrian! Adrian! Adrian!"

I'm pretty sure I liked the movie as a whole on this viewing much more than I did on my previous viewing.

As a whole, I would highly recommend this movie to just about anybody.

Instant Comments:
2: "You want me to take a shot? I'll take a shot."
2: "You see, it's simple mathematics."

2: "Hey Rocky, screw you, creepo!"
2: Haha. "Yo Paulie! Your sister's with me! I'll call yous back later!"

2: That kiss.
2: I wonder if they waited for the train to come, or if they set the train to come. (When Rocky shakes hands with Mike)

2: Five eggs, all cracked one-handed, drank sloppily.
2: Wow. When he climbs up those rails and stands. That's a big movie moment.
2: That cut. I wonder if its illegal, cause they made it real discrete.

2: Oh my goodness. "Adrian! Adrian!" I don't remember if I felt so moved by his calls for Adrian last time as I did this time, but goodness. "Adrian!" Great end.

Philadelphia Museum of Art:
This last May, my family and I had a chance to visit Philadelphia, PA and we, like many others, came to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the so-called Rocky Steps ( The first picture is from the film, the second is shot of the steps and museum from our trip, and the third is my sister and I raising our arms in celebration.

Washington Monument:
You can see this monument in the background in one of the pictures above. Though from that point of view, you'll be look at the rear of the monument.

Rocky Statue:
Finally, this Rocky Statue is located around the corner from the base of the steps. Apparently it can be seen in one of the sequels.

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