Aliens (1986)

Great movie. I decided to relax and watch this movie while updating the blog's pages, specifically adding the slew of movies I've blogged about in the past few weeks to the movie page. There was one or two jump in my seat scenes and two or three scenes that were just full of suspense. The only other movie from the franchise which I remember partially seeing is Alien: Resurrection (1997), evidenced by a Google search for a scene I remember involving acid blood. Other than a vague memory of watching part of Alien: Resurrection, this is really the first film from the Alien series which I've seen in full. Unfortunately, the first movie isn't available on Netflix streaming. I'll make sure I watch it when I've had my fill of movies that are available via Netflix streaming.

One of the characters was too annoying to be included. I feel like I would add an annoying character only if he had some redeeming quality. There was the antagonist in the movie, but his death wasn't enjoyable or ironic enough to my satisfaction. That is, I don't feel the punishment fit the crime. He was a real jerk and yet he died just the same as the other characters.

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Aliens (1986) James Cameron. 137 min.

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This is the HISHE episode for Aliens. I was cracking up so hard at their proposed ending. I love it. Hahahahaha.

Aliens is one of the movies featured in this HISHE video "How to Survive an Alien Attack."

SPOILER ALERT! Even if you've seen this film, there might be spoilers for other films. Films are featured in the following order: Men In Black, Signs, Aliens, Mars Attacks, Starship Troopers, Predator, War of the Worlds, Men In Black, Independence Day.


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