National Geographic: Great Migrations

It's been a while since I've watched a nature documentary. Today I was studying with this documentary playing in the background; it was great! I should have tried studying with nature documentaries in the background sooner. Occasionally I can look up and see something amazing, but then go right back to studying. It's almost like the visual equivalent of classical music. In particular, the documentary doesn't demand my attention (the same way a story-based movie would), and the ambient noise can be soothing. I suppose that's why I watched March of the Penguins the other day.

Moments That Caught My Attention:
1) Mother zebra chases baby cheetah away.
2) Elephant seals fighting. Blood spill. Poke in the eye. Man... that's brutal.
3) Walrus swimming lesson.

Note: I started watching the first episode "Born to Move" at midnight, but fell asleep partway through. The four episodes were "Born to Move," "Need to Breed," "Race to Survive," and "Feast or Famine." Though I didn't exactly notice the themes.

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National Geographic: Great Migration (2010)

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