Driving Miss Daisy (1989)

I wouldn't have been able to guess this movie was made in 1989.

Morgan Freeman is great. Dan Aykroyd is a good side character.

Kind of a neutral, warming movie. It touches on some issues but not too much.

Overall a good movie, but certainly wouldn't be a memorable movie. I'm glad to have watched it, but wouldn't exactly recommend it. That sort of movie.

Instant Comments:
The can of salmon part was predictable.
I like that. "We ain't gonna worry about what's in the middle?"
I wonder what time period this is? I found the answer to be the 1950's (well when Hoke is hired)
In any case, at the point they are driving to someone's house on Christmas, I decided to predict there's only two choices to how this movie could possibly end. After the two obvious predictions I have a third and then a fourth.
Whoa... the scene with the cops I didn't see coming. That was heavy. Then followed by the toilet issue...
Note: There are so many stars visible despite the billboard being illuminated.
I should keep Morgan Freeman's mouth twitch movement in this movie in mind, it might come in handy for something.
Krispy Kreme?
It's possible, apparently they've been around since 1937.
No predictions came true. Thus it gets some points for being unpredictable.

Watched 20101121 (Netflix, Instant)
Driving Miss Daisy (1989) Bruce Beresford. 99 min. [adapted ft play otsn (1987) by Alfred Uhry]

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