Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010)

This was a great movie. In particular, the film had great visuals and packed with action.

Red Hood (Jnesen Ackles)

Overall, the movie is darker than the last Batman movie I watched (The Batman vs. Dracula (2005)), whose animation style came from the television show aimed at kids. Given the art direction, this movie is clearly aimed at an older audience.

Batman (Bruce Greenwood) and Nightwing (Neil Patrick Harris)

On a different note, I read the story is based on the same storyline that was written in the comics, but I don't know how closely the artists kept the animation style. There is definitely some awesome use of computer graphics.

Young Robin / Jason Todd

In any case, I'd likely watch this movie again.

[20101106][20131026 Edit]

It was good to see this movie again. Though I mostly let it play in the background.

Instant Comments:
2: "Forehand, or backhand?"

Joker (John DiMaggio)

2: "Make no mistake, I'm not asking you to kick in with me, I'm telling you."
2: Haha. "Lasers! He's got lasers!"
2: "You know what I miss most about running with you? The toys."
2: "That's impressive." "Nothing we haven't seen before."

Ra's al Ghul (Jason Isaacs)

2: Dang, he went through the window. I'd have thought his build would be too big for that. Oh nevermind, the right door was open and the left door looked like it was missing.
2: Hahaha. "And then one with the crowbar!"

Watched 20101106 (Netflix, Instant)
Watched 20131026 (Netflix, Instant)
Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010) Brandon Vietti. 75 min.

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