The Fugitive (1993)

At first with man's wife gets killed I thought I saw the movie already. I couldn't think of what I was thinking of so I did some searching. It wasn't Law Abiding Citizen, which is what I found first. Eventually I found the movie I was looking for but it didn't have a dead wife: Edge of Darkness.

It's Rose from Lost! (L. Scott Caldwell)

Lol: "Every time I look in the mirror pal, except for the beard."

At first I was wondering how a doctor could begin to fight for his life. When the movie begins to show us this, I'm thoroughly impressed.

Good action/thriller movie.

Watched 20101125 (Netflix, Instant) 130 min
The Fugitive (1993) Andrew Davis. 130 min. [bot television series otsn (1963-1967)]

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