Paths of Glory (1957)

Wow, this movie's message is clear. In multiple instances, the movie takes an anti-war standpoint, particularly in terms of obeying your superiors. The movie's ending was great. Not quite a happy ending, but fitting. Not knowing exactly what the movie was about, it didn't interest me at first. The antagonist, the character with the scar, did a great job with immediately forming a dislike for this character. It could have been the scar, the attitude, the actions he took. Though I guess it's easy from my point of view to dislike that character, there might be some people whether due to time period or not, that would agree with him. It's an intense movie. The one soldier who was crying though, I'm not sure how a real person would act in his place, but he seemed like he was overdoing it. Kind of annoying. Almost as annoying as the one soldier in Aliens who was complaining, but not that annoying.

Watched 20101112 (Netflix, Instant) 87 min.
Paths of Glory (1957) Stanley Kubrick. 88 min.

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