Mary and Max (2009)

Great movie. Not knowing what the movie was about, I found the movie to be surprisingly geared towards an older audience. Loved it. The beginning of the movie I found interesting for the decision to have very little movement apart from the flies in the one scene.

Max watching the Niblets.

Instant Comments:
1: I love the music.
1: I like the contrast between the color and black and white.
1: I love the narration.
1: Oh my gosh, I thought I was crazy to have this thought, but when I heard the character Max talk about why people have a religion, it made me so happy for having the thought.
1: Lovely movie.
1: Though, it's to be noted that while an animation, this movie is definitely geared for adults, or at least teenagers.
1: Cute theme song.

Mary's pet rooster Ethel.

20101205 Comment:
I love claymation, making this movie super on my list.

The film Mary and Max starts with a young Australian girl named Mary living in Australia. Alone in the world, except for her pet rooster Ethel, one day she randomly picks an address out of a U.S. phone book and writes to the address. The film then turns to the recipient Max in New York City. At first we learn Max is a bit strange, but later in the movie, we learn why. In any case, the plot follows the pen pals and their story of friendship.

While this movie can be strange and dark, it does so in a charming and artful way. Note that this is not a children's movie. The movie's plot includes topics such as death, suicide, theft, and where babies come from.

As I mentioned, the movie can be dark, but possibly (emotionally) heavy as well. You might not like the movie is you're a pessimist. However, it's a great movie and I would recommend everybody watch it at some point. As such, you can try putting yourself in a good mood so that your mind is in a optimistic mindset or simply, if necessary, follow this movie with a more uplifting movie. Note that I'm simply being cautious, and I think I would always be in the mood to watch this movie. As a final comment, I would recommend this movie to anybody who enjoys claymation.

Max reading the latest package from Mary.

Instant Comments:
2: Oh my. The opening notes of the score just immediately catch my attention. I love it.
2: Haha. "Why do they create bus timetables if the buses never run on time?" I was just thinking about this question earlier today. In fact, I sent an e-mail with an inquiry. In any case, the character Max exhibits similar thoughts to mine.
2: Destroying her book seemed a bit drastic.

Mary (right) and Max (left).

Today I watched the movie in the background while doing some work. Interestingly, I didn't remember the movie being so dark. Perhaps that's why I enjoy the movie. I would very much like to watch this movie again and take some notes.

Instant Comments:
3: oh there's a baby developing (valium scene)
3: the baby has a birthmark just like mary
3: oh i didn't remember all the papers on the ceiling
3: oh is that why he died looking up. i likely never got that

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Mary and Max (2009) Adam Elliot.

Mary (left) and her mother (right).

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