Seven Samurai (1954)

Overall, I'd summarize and say most of the scenes I thought were beautiful. Some of the scenes and dialogue I thought was strange. Some of the themes I couldn't quite wrap my head around. That is to say, I couldn't completely comprehend how that would be an issue. That is, I couldn't personally relate, but in some sense I said to myself, I guess that could be an issue for some people. And then concluded that this would be historically out of my knowledge. For example, slavery and racism is much closer to what I know about. Though, I do have some knowledge about knights and lords that sort of society. I extrapolated that samurai were the equivalent of that in this society. I guess if I think about it, we must have learned a little about this time period of Japan. If not just barely. Nevertheless, enough repeating myself, great movie. I keep wanting to say there were impressive scenes that just... I don't know... maybe it's the effect of black and white you view things differently.

This movie takes some minutes to introduce the problem and resolution. But the movie from the point of the thief really gets good. Yes... starting with old man.

Though I'd have to say part of the movie does seem dated. Or perhaps... what the movie showed could have been substantial during it's time. The whole tier between samurai and peasants is not something I can quite comprehend. I suppose being part of middle class America makes it harder to see such a strong distinction as peasants and samurai. Also it's not cultural.

Many scenes are shot beautifully. Sometimes you just look and think, wow.

Dialogue didn't always seem so great. Though it's probably different if you understood Japanese. Yes, the barrier for the movie being awesome is my lack of understanding to the themes regarding women, samurai, peasants, etc. of the time and culture, etc. Those themes and others slightly transcended the times and culture, but I felt like if I knew more of the history, the movie could be deeper. But again, I loved a lot of the visuals. Especially amazing for black and white.

Great main theme song.

Instant Comments:
1: The old man.
1: The kid. Wanted to be a disciple.
1: The wannabe. Tags along. Has a good sense of humor.
1: The friendly one.
1: The friend of the old man.
1: The trustworthy one.
1: The skilled one.
1: "Once more we survive."
1: This movie had an intermission.

20101204 Comment:
Apparently the American Western The Magnificent Seven is based on this movie. I have yet to see it, but heard it's a good one.

I'd like to say again I love this movie.

Watched 20101114 (Netflix, Instant) 207 min. Japanese audio, English subtitles.
Seven Samurai (1954) Akira Kurosawa. 207 min.

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