The Mule (2018)

I watched this film today. I loved all the songs. I loved the sentiment of the film, and the themes. I enjoyed the cultural moments spread throughout the film (e.g., phones, bikers, race). The part that fell short of the movie being absolutely amazing for me was the story.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 89% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs up|thumbs down|neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

Instant Comments:
Hehe. You'd think I'm giving away free Viagra or something here."
Hehe. Work over his daughter's wedding
I mean he may in fact be a bad father but... she is making an uproar
Hehe a gun
It seems he understands the situation but doesn't want the truck modified in any way.
"I'm not gonna look in anybody's bag."
Is that the actor that plays Casey in Loki? [Yes, Eugene Cordero]
Huh. New truck.
Hmm. Two big purchases in a row... arguably a red flag. Or a path towards a red flag.
Oh shit. Why did he look inside?
Wow. Quick thinking.
Hehe. Jimmy Stewart again
"I've been in combat before. I'm not intimidated by you, mocoso. Sonny." [Google translates "mocoso" to "brat"; an alternative is "punk"]
[Hmm I wonder how long it'll be before he notices Smile. They join in singing.
The main boss sees the benefit of the randomness (and I would agree that he should continue to act as himself). The top guy (Julio Gutierrez) does make a reasonable logical retort "We don't oblige the other drivers..." to which the boss simply says "You need to oblige me."
Oh no... manifest points to him...
Not that I would be involved in such business, but if I were in this guy's position, perhaps I would have had them make some agreement as to when they would stop having him snitch. If upon reaching the agreement they don't hold up their end of the bargain... well... I mean he's in a lose-lose situation, but at least one type of loss seems less risky.
Hmm. Are they gonna communicate to Earl that black trucks are bieng stopped?
Is he joking or serious... hehe. Call a cardiologist.
I didn't see that coming. His advice is to quit.
holy shit... he got shot...
so this demand for being more strict... I wonder how this will play out... I see one ending as Clint Eastwood's character Earl paying for whatever condition his wife has, perhaps enough money to pass onto his children, saving the life of Julio and somehow freeing him, but finally dying at the end of the movie. In his eyes, he has likely lived a full life. With that being said, I feel like the FBI winning would be an uninteresting end to the film. Having this thought reminds me of the movie Catch Me If You Can.
I feel like that just draws a lot of attention. If a cop pulls them over... what would happen?
Huh. "Julio, mijo."
Not sure any of this makes sense. He was apparently making record drops, and someone decided that rather than let him continue his own way, to force him to work on time (which evidence would suggest likely hasn't worked out)
Racial profiling... (so Earl would that have that advantage going for him)
So if Earl's lucky then he notices the commotion
Oh shit. Not sure if he runs into this guy by chance, but... this could go the route of he makes a deal to get out.... Originally though, I figure he just notices and figures out how to stay on top of it.
Hmm... Bates returns the thermos. I'm wondering if the bill... no not enough time... but... hmm. Maybe he never brought in a thermos to begin with and that's Bates' signal to the man...
Huh. If he tries to visit her, he could be killed. But he was talking about family... what will he do?
Oh wow. His choice for family... well he postponed the bust.
Smile. He ended up telling her the truth, and she didn't believe him.
Tearjerker line. "I think you're just a late bloomer."
Emotional delivery.
I'm curious, he's been gone for what seems like quite a while. How did they have so much trouble finding him?
Hehe. "More today than yesterday?" "But not as much as tomorrow." (Spiral Starecase)
Oh shit. Battered up. (I would guess he doesn't have it)
He just revved his engine? Hmm... Is he just trying to be a decoy?
I think even if he did have stuff in the truck, his wife saying those comforting words... I feel like he wouldn't mind dying. Well, he already accepted death against the cartel fellas
Ah interesting. The drug guys are listening in. [Oh, nvm. I played it back and they just briefly cut to the driver]
An ending which was... not predictable, but I'm curious if there were too many false signals. I'm inclined to believe a good story is both unpredictable, and yet foreshadows the ending.

Watched 20231110 (Netflix, Instant)
The Mule (2018) Clint Eastwood. 116 min

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