Happy Feet (2006)

Overview: An emperor penguin named Mumble is different from all the other penguins. While unable to sing, a trait necessary in obtaining the traditional "heartsong," Mumble has the ability to tap dance. Unfortunately, this unique ability is not a welcomed trait throughout the community, but that's not going to stop Mumble.
Mumble (Elijah Wood)

Instant Comments:
It was Gloria that helped with Mumble hatch.
And named him!
Lose my head!

Baby Mumble (E.G. Daily; center) tries to sing and everybody laughs, including baby Seymour (Cesar Flores; right of Mumble). However, baby Gloria (Alyssa Shafer; left of Mumble) tries to tell everyone it's not funny

His dad didn't mention the egg part
Mumble actually the first in the water.
Even without the lovesong, Gloria and Mumble already have a connection

Mumbles insists that Gloria (Brittany Murphy) take the fish.

Hahaha. "Here he comes, you better move in half an hour."
"This kid is so accidentally cool."
Oh, I never realized (at least I don't think so) the religious themes (with the older penguins being conservative); I also get some themes reminding me of Footloose

Mumble and a group of Adélie penguins, The Amigos. The group consists of Ramón (Robin Williams; front and center), Nestor (Carlos Alazraqui), Raul (Lombardo Boyar), Lombardo (Johnny Sanchez), and Rinaldo (Jeffrey Garcia).

He finally reveals that the egg rolled away from him
Lol. Holy flock
Ah the old guy joins in at last. Nice.

Lovelace (Robin Williams)

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