Bob's Burgers Season 2

[Part of TV Series: Bob's Burgers]

B: Ha. Louise leaves a fake her, Gene leaves the garbage, and Tina leaves a sticky with her name on it.
B: "Don't tell anyone." (Las Vegas)
A: Predictable ending, but nice sentiment in the episode.
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A: Parody of Dog Day Afternoon
B: HA! "They'll finger anything with a pulse."
B: "No! Not my SEX.U.V."
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B: References Star Wars with the heavy breathing.
B: "What up my knitter?"
B: Flashdance (1983).
B: "Marco." "Wahlberg."
B: References Ghost (1990) pottery scene (Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore)
B: "Ahhhh. Anthrax! Anthrax smells like babies!"
A: References Caddyshack. (poop in the pool)
B: "Next time I do this, I'm getting an epidural."
B: "Jezebel"
A: References Star Wars with the heavy breathing
A: This episode was just alright.
A=1=20150315, B=2=20151010

A: Burger Boss.
B: Bob1
B: "Please stop, we're just leasing it."
B: "REDRUM, REDRUM." (The Shining)
B: "He had sex and we happened! Deal with it!"
B: "You know what's free? Loading."
B: "Soccer." "Church." "Desert Storm."
B: WTF. "You gotta press your wiener against the machine."
B: When Darryl says "Who's Tyler? Tyler's my bully. He can show up at any time. Stay focused!" I could hear Aziz Ansari's voice. I did not, however know that Ansari did the voice for Darryl.
B: "I'm not a nerd. I'm a video game enthusiast."
B: Jimmy Pesto holds up "BOBSUX" to the window like in "Good Will Hunting."
B: Hahaha. "I'm not 60 by the way."
A: I definitely enjoyed the arcade theme of this episode.
A: Overall I like this episode more than the last.
A=1=20150315, B=2=20151010

B: Linda mentions Pretty Woman.
B: "Black Beauty to The Music Man and The Godfather."
A: Dina
B: Louise is smart, but occasionally shows that she's still a kid: "Did I win!?!"
A=1=20150316, B=2=20151010

A: Linda is crazy haha. Encouraging Bob.
A: That sibling rivalry.
A: The Prince of Persuasia. A play on The Prince of Persia.
B: Haha. "Children lead to intercourse."
B: Poor Bob.
A: The ending credits with various Prince of Persuasia "tips."
A=1=20150316, B=2=20151011

B: "If looks could kale."
B: Haha. Carne asada is beef.
A: Borat. "My wife."
A: Jumper cables.
A: "All aboard the burger train."
A: Reference to Reservoir Dogs (1992). Song plays when Mr. Blond tortures Marvin Nash.
B: "Mmm. Mmm. Mmm." "Great, another one of these calls. Get a girlfriend."
A=1=20150316, B=2=20151011

A: Lol. A collection of Erotic television.
A: "Yes, I wear glasses, not hearing aids, Mom."
A: Lol, Bob gets into the clapping.
A: Margarita mix. No alcohol, haha.
A, B: Hahaha! "Ahh. Bathroom clowns!" [B: I didn't see it coming]
B: "It's not fun for everyone, Bob."
B: They sneak into an R rated movie called "Never Ending Gory," a play on The NeverEnding Story (1984)
B: Tina comes in a bit like the Apple commercial.
B: Ha. "Was the Jimmy Jr. in your story me?"
A: Parts of this episode were great.
B: The ending theme song has clapping (like from a CAKE show).
A=1=20150316, B=2=20151011

Ba: "Fine, but move the dishes."
Ba: "Rachel Ray over here." "With bigger hips."
Ba, Bb: "Last one in the pool is Tina!"
Bob: Get me habanero peppers!
Louis: I'll call my guy. Ring, ring.
B: Let me talk to him.
L: That's a fake phone.
B: I don't care. What's your name? I don't speak Spanish.
L: I do. Hola, combre se hombre, habanero pepper.
A=1=20150316, Ba=2a=20151011, Bb=2b=20160403

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