Bob's Burgers Season 1

[Part of TV Series: Bob's Burgers]

A: This show is so hilarious.
B: Oh, I guess she's not autistic (her dad assures)
A: References Rain Man. "How many toothpicks on the ground?" "300" "3"
A: References Sweeney Todd.
A: 4%. Ha.
A: Haha. "I'd try it."
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B: "It's like a bunch of Chewbaccas."
B: References The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. "Do you see a Lion, a Witch, or a Wardrobe?"
B: "The girls of Coyote Ugly." Coyote Ugly.
A: Are you the ghost from the movie Ghost?
A=1=20150308, B=2=20150415

A: It's his kids against him.
A: "Dial 'M' for Murder"
A: Mission A-Corn-Plished
A: Like sands through the hourglass...
A=1=20150308, B=2=20150415(?)

A: Capoeira episode.
A=1=20150308, B=2=20150415(?)

A: The robbery.
A: Cute ending. "Tina, take a bow girl!"
A=1=20150308, B=2=20150415(?)

A: Jimmy Jr.
A: "I was only on that one site for like two seconds!"
A=1=20150308, B=2=20150415(?)

B: Louise's room was formerly a walk-in closet.
B: Oh, it's the light-up animal! Teddy says it freaks him out a bit (it shows up dominantly in the episode where Bob stays in the walls)
B: "This is where I thrash." "Yeah, I'll stand, thank you very much." (She actually just stands there)
B: "You're crazy, Linda."
A: This BnB episode wasn't so interesting, but it helps develop the mom and Louise as characters
A=1=20150310, B=2=20150806

A: "You smell like ointment and pee!"
B: "Reflections."
B: Tina painted her dentist (Bob points this out later)
A: Ha. She's like a modern-day Wednesday. (Louise cutting Gene's ear off)
B: I wonder what percentage of episodes have Mort and Teddy eating at Bob's Burgers.
B: Ha. 28-year-old albino friend.
A: References Winnie The Pooh (Heffalumps and Woozles)
B: Introduction of so many characters: Gale, two old people, Andy and Ollie, and the two cops
B: "Cut me open and crawl inside me." (possibly a reference to Star Wars)
A=1=20150311, B=2=20150806

A: Banjo, play on Rango?
B: "People Are Strange" by The Doors plays.
B: "The menstruation station?"
B: "I warned you skank!"
B: Tina holds up the other end of the spaghetti, but Jimmy Jr. doesn't take it.
B: "Hey Colleen, why don't you put these balls in your face?"
A=1=20150312, B=2=20151009

B: "He is one white cat away from being a super villain."
B: The lunch lull at Ab: 30. Ha.
A: References West Side Story
B: "And you said I was crazy for carrying this around."
B: Braveheart
B: Meatsiah
B: "We can put on some Boyz II Men and I can slow dance."
B: The rumble has a drum beat like West Side Story. At least I think.
B: He asks, "Do you cry easily?" [Mort and Teddy nod yes.]
A=1=20150312, B=2=20151010

B: "And now... I will get this guy out."
B: The bus from Speed.
B: Ha, he only sees the movie after finishing the model.
B: "And stay away from the computer! Not because of porn..."
B: Haha. "...It doesn't come from here, it comes from here." "My boob?" "[sighs] Yes, Tina, your boob." [...]
B: Crazy kids.
B: Robot wieners.
A, B: "Eh, just put some bleach on it." [B: Technically they could file a suit for the losses incurred due to Hugo closing their restaurant down for an entire weekend, but its just a cartoon]
B: Oh, I didn't remember that. Apparently he only fell in because the officer shot him. It's the officer's fault.
B: Ha. Ron sings the Wingman song.
B: Ha. Hugo has a small "badge", which Gretchen didn't mind, but apparently he didn't know how to use it.
A=1=20150312, B=2=20151010

B: Linda mentions Carrie.
B: "I rub my genitals on the couch!"
A=1=20150312, B=2=20151010

B: "Order up."
B: Haha. Gene didn't remember the name of the restaurant.
B: "You're my favorite. Don't tell Angel..."
B: Haha. "Is it me? Is it abortions?"
B: Kharma.
A: Lol. that ending.
A: "Angel, but don't tell Phenom."
A=1=20150313, B=2=20151010

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