Monsters (2010)

Monsters was a visual and adventurous movie. It also had a great ending.

The movie's thriller elements and atmosphere reminded me of Super 8.* 12:02AM

*I wrote the comment prior to realizing that Super 8 (2011) was released after Monsters (2010).

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Well then grab it let's go
I don't cause it, I just document it.
He got robbed fast.
If only she accepted his advances, lol. 11:00PM PT
Lol, what a surprise, handy man.
Plane in water scene; pretty cool.
Was there relevance to him putting his hand to the ceiling of the van?
That could have been a jump scare, but it didn't get me...
mwk mwk mwk three blind mice three blind mice

Watched 20150329
Monsters (2010) Gareth Edwards. 94 min

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