Flashdance (1983)

Overview: This movie is mainly about a girl who has dreams to join a ballet company. She's a good dancer, but has no official education.

Jennifer Beals starring as Alex Owens.

Unfortunately, the movie has a bunch of fluff, lacks character development, and overall lacks cohesion. On the plus side, the dance scenes are full of energy and fun to watch.

If you like identifying movie references, then you should consider watching Flashdance. You should also consider watching Flashdance if you like watching dance performances. Now if you want to watch a solid, inspiring movie that involves dance, then I would recommend Billy Elliot (2000).

She's a maniac on the dance floor.

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Instant Comments:
Classic. "She's a maniac, maniac, on the floor."
Damn. That is intimidating.
Haha. So she changes into something comfortable, but hasn't taken her bra off yet. So just casually takes her bra off.
Huh. That happened so quickly. It jumped from "Don't you want some pizza?" to the two face-to-face.

She can learn simply by watching others perform.

Huh. It's gonna be like his sister or something?
Hahaha. They make up and the workers cheer.
All the dancing is good, but either the acting, story, or dialogue can be pretty cheesy.
What!?! She learned to breakdance!?!

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Flashdance (1983) Adrian Lyne. 95 min

Lobster has never looked better.

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