The NeverEnding Story (1984)

The NeverEnding Story reminded me a little of the 80's movie Labyrinth (1986). Like Labyrinth, this movie presented me, the viewer, with a new and mysterious fantasy world.

While the world didn't look and feel as real as more recent world-immersing movies, it carries it's own 80's charm.

Good movie. If you liked Labyrinth, give this a watch when you have time to spare.

Discussing of the Ending:
The ending was weird. Although I accepted that imagination and reality were intertwined, I also thought a well-defined boundary would remain between them. Instead, the movie's ending depicts them as being the same, which was both terrifying and confusing.

Upon reading the plot summary for the book (on Wikipedia), I would have ended the movie with Bastian's restoration of Fantasia and flying over it on Falkor. I would also have omitted the entire plot about the bullies, both in the ending and the beginning.

[20100702][20171112 Edit]

Today while relaxing in a hotel room in Utah, The NeverEnding Story was on the television and I decided to watch it. I noted that I started watching from the rock monster to the end. On 20171112, I estimated this was around 17 to 18 minutes into the movie.

*Either 14/15/16.


Today I tried to pinpoint where I started watching the movie back in July. Combined with what I saw in July, this formed a full viewing.

Instant Comments:
1: The dragon's flying looks a little silly.
1: This ending is weird. [I read on a trivia page that this movie ends somewhere in the middle of the book.]
1=20100630, 2a=2017071X, 2b=20171112

Watched 20100630 (Netflix, Instant)
Watched the last 84 minutes on 2017071X (television), the first 18 minutes on 20171112.
The NeverEnding Story (1984) Wolfgang Petersen. 102 min [botnotsn (1979) by Michael Ende]

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