Bob's Burgers Season 3

[Part of TV Series: Bob's Burgers]

Tom Bush: Uh, what's your name?
Mudflap: Mudflap.
T: Oh, Mudflap, uh that was my grandmother's name.
M: Really?
T: No, no. You're named after a dirty part of a truck.
A: This was as intelligent as some of the other episodes. But good on the ears.
A=1=20150316, B=2=20160403

B: "I got 42 maybe's Bob, who can plan for that?"
B: Edward Scissorhands.
B: Hahaha, she throws the phone up and instead of making it into the car it misses and breaks.
B: Ha, they don't share any of their full bars with Gene.
A: This, however, was an interesting episode.
A=1=20150316, B=2=20160403

A: "I don't get it!"
Bb: They joke about it, but also sort of admit it: Linda has a drinking problem
Bb: "I may have some idea of *exactly* where it is."
A=1=20150316, Ba=2a=20160403 , Bb=2b=20160410

A: Ha. Titanic drawing scene. Titanic drawing scene. Titanic sinking. Titanic drawing scene.
B: References The Shining: Room 308
A: This episode was weird.
A=1=20150316, B=2=20160410

A: Is that a Totoro reference?
B: Yeah, I'm pretty sure its a My Neighbor Totoro reference.
A=1=20150316, B=2=20160410

Aa: Jaws?
Aa, B: Free Willy reference, with a shark.
Aa: Now Jaws?
Aa, B: Teddy does the fake chalk scratch. I think that was in Jaws. [20191121: Yep]
Ab: Rewatched this from beginning to end.
B: Louise holds up the fake shark fin and asks, "Who wants soup!?!"
Aa=1a=20150316, Ab=1b=20150317, B=2=20160410

B: Lol. The only car in the restaurant.
B: Haha. Bob screams, Tina screams, Linda screams, Louise happily runs in screaming, and Gene runs in with his keyboard.
A: What a twist.
B: "Scare him, how?" "Boo!"
B: Hahaha: "Watch me break this plate and a window!"
A=1=20150317, B=2=20160410

Bb: Lol, fruit and vegetable skins.
Bb: "Oh, yeah? When are you gonna tell Mom how you really feel?"
Bb: Gene makes the moan that Tina usually makes!
Bb: Hahaha, "Gene, I'm so sorry."
A: This episode was meh.
Bb: I guess the episode wasn't so bad.
A=1=20150318, Ba=2a=20160410, Bb=2b=20150412

B: Weird plot twist.
B: "Stop you sickos!" "What?" "No not you guys."
A: What an unexpected (bad) ending. It implies he is rich and was unwilling to pay for the love of his life with his own money.
A=1=20150318, B=2=20160412

B: Freaky Friday on a loop.
B: References Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
A: This episode turned out better than I expected.
B: Lol, the credits consist of Linda singing her braiding song, Linda and Louise playing laser tag, and Gene walking in butt naked like during the middle of the episode.
A=1=20150318, B=2=20160412

B: Haha. Throws rat feces out from his pockets.
A: It's so surprising the way they find various ways for Bob to interact with Hugo.
A=1=20150318, B=2=20160412

B: "I, uh, probably only poop once a week."
B: Disgusting, how does the poop get put in all these places.
B: Hahaha. "Tammy, watch out!" [push]
B: "Huh, I just remembered how to make paella."
A: I really like this episode. Especially cause Gene as mini-Bob was funny.
A=1=20150319, B=2=20160413

B: "She's a real keeper." "She's okay." [Louise has the best lines]
B: "I'll have a seven and seven. No! Make it an eight and eight." "Make mine a double, would you. A sixteen and sixteen, thank you."
B: References Back to the Future: Tina says she's starting to disappearing.
A: Good episode, though not as good as the previous one.
A=1=20150319, B=2=20160413

A: Greg Kinnear from As Good As It Gets.
A: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
A: "I can't reach." [moves closer] "Shh."
A: "If there's one thing I know is that sex sells. So we just have to find sex and sell it."
A=1=20150319, B=2=20160412

S3E15: "O.T.: The Outside Toilet"*
*E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial [20150320: Apparently the entire episode is a parody of E.T.]
A: Ghostbusters
A: Stand by Me
A: Stand and Deliver
A, Ba: "I'm watching you" signal = "Ah, he wants to switch eyes!"
Bb: "I can make my knees smile."
Bb: Oh, I forgot how this episode ended.
A=1=20150319, Ba=2a=20160413, Bb=2b=20160416

B: "You learn something new."
A: I like the spice rack more than the spi-ceps.
A: "...Squel Magnolias!?!" "War Horse."
A: That's the best song thus far. "Electric Love."
A: The first time (I think) where the ending credits aren't in some way taking place in the Bob's Burgers kitchen.
A=1=20150319, B=2=20160416

A: Whispers to Tina "Don't end up like your father." Bob asks, "What?" Linda changers her whisper to Bob and whispers, "Don't end up like your father."
A: Linda is just so ridiculous sometimes.
A: Lol. The drama.
B: "Roses"
1,B: Jimmy Jr. climbs up the curtains like silks!
A: The credits is just the T.I.N.A. song again. (T.I.N.A. song is in essence a parody of L.O.V.E.)
A=1=20150319, B=2=20160416

A: They sort of reused their spit in the pool to fill it joke. Except this time they actually did it.
1,B: Hahaha. "Oh wow, the red pairs nicely with the white."
A: "Adventurous" ("Swingers")
B: "I hate feathers!"
B: Balloon...
A: The domain is registered ( and plays a YouTube video of Linda's mother grabbing a balloon from her father, sitting on it, and popping it.
B: "Thank you, Bob!" "No problem, Al." "Oh no, I wasn't talking to you."
A: Lol. "Where are their arms and legs?"
A=1=20150319, B=2=20160416

A: The set of Family Fracas is a bit like Family Feud.
B: Ha. That Dawson skit.
B: Family Feud is mentioned later.
B: What? Who takes someone else's popcorn without inviting them.
A: Oh so weird. No justice for them by the end of this episode. I guess its just what has to happen.
B: Pam's Court theme song is the end credits song.
A=1=20150319, B=2=20160419

B: Haha. That's me when I get a more substantial cut.
B: Dottie Minerva's name
B: "I stole a tomato, I'm sorry!"
B: The blood splatter in the car reminded me of Pulp Fiction.
A: Lol. What an ending. Loved it. (Rock-Paper-Scissors)
A=1=20150319, B=2=20160419

B: "Javier Belcher."
B: Clever. "No, Dad. I don't set where I eat." [A play on "Don't shit where you eat."]
B: "Boo Boo!"
B: "Cute? He's the reason faces were invented, you idiot!"
B: "You mean kiss?" "No, I mean snap."
B: Hahaha. That slap. Especially after all that mumbling.
B: Ha, one of the best end credit songs.
A=1=201503??, B=2=20160419

B: "I never knew anyone with a boob fetish."
B: Haha. "Drop your pants..."
A: That's one of the most touching endings in the show.
B: Ha! Rudy leans in also.
B: "I've got a yum-yum, you got a penis."
A=1=20150323, B=2=20160419

B: "Woulda Coulda Gouda. You Gouda Be Kidding Me. As Gouda As It Gets. Gouda Gouda Gumdrops. A Few Gouda Men. Gouda Gouda Two Shoes... comes with shoes. Gouda Day, Sir."
B: Lol. 98mph and homeruns.
B: "I told you you'd like stealing." "Eh... yeah I do."
B: "Last chance to earn my love guys." "Hahahaha." "I love that joke."
B: Rudy!
B: "Hey, this is where our dad goes for his naps."
A: This episode had some good parts and okay parts.
A=1=20150323, B=2=20160419

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