Total Recall (1990)

Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzeneggar) has dreams about being on Mars and one day decides to go to a center called "Rekall" that gives its customers fake memories of a vacation. However, something goes wrong and Quaid suddenly remembers that he's a secret agent.

Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Is Quaid really an agent? Will Quaid save the day? Check out this sci-fi action movie and find out!

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This is one of those movies that would show on television and so I've definitely seen parts of it before. But now, thanks to Netflix, I got to see it in its entirety!

Quaid's wife Lori (Sharon Stone)

In any case, I mostly remember the scenes with the bulging eyes and up until today, I didn't know why that happened. Of course, now that I know, I still don't understand why he was able to dream about something that was yet to happen. Doing some research, apparently the protagonist Quaid (Arnold Schwarzeneggar) asks himself at the end of the movie, "I just had a terrible thought: what if this is a dream?" Now I get it.

Quaid's coworker Harry (left, Robert Costanzo)

Overall, I enjoyed the film. It is, however, more action-oriented, and I didn't really consider its philosophical implications in the same respect as The Matrix (1999), Inception (2010), or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004).

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Instant Comments:
Traveling with Rekall.

Brunette. Atheletic. Sleazy. 41-A.
"Because we haven't implanted it yet."
"What the fuck did I do wrong?"
Holy shit. In using new movies to describe an old movie, the plot started off like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and then became more like The Bourne Identity.

Ha. That one poor innocent bystander on the escalator.
That old woman just want to take a random bag. "Fuck you, you asshole."
Lol. Removing the bug with a device is like The Matrix. Total Recall predated everything. :p
Lol. Why would the language malfunction? Oh well.
Mars Today (as compared to USA Today)

"If you need any help with this one, give me a holler."
Shoot him.
If this guy says shooting him is not good, then shoot the girl.
"That was your wife?" [Nods in confirmation] "What a bitch."
Those are some brutal deaths. (Escape from the chairs)

Kuato (voiced by Marshall Bell)

"Screw you!" (Kills him with a drill.)
Shouldn't the bullets have gone through to the soldiers opposite?

I've seen bits and parts of this movie before.
Watched 20150307 (Netflix, Instant)
Total Recall (1990) Paul Verhoeven. 113 min [loosely bots We Can Remember It for You Wholesale (1966) by Philip K. Dick]

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