Dog Day Afternoon (1975)

Great movie. The only scene I didn't like too much was the call between Sonny and Leon. It was either the cuts between the dialogue that didn't flow nicely.

I also thought various points in the movie didn't make sense. For example, the FBI agent appeared without any context.

It's always fun to learn that something you listened to or watched actually came from somewhere else. In this case, it's learning that Airheads (1994) is either a spoof of this movie or loosely based on it. I made the connection when Al Pacino's character goes outside and starts rousing the crowd and repeatedly shouting "Attica." Of course, this movie is much better.

The protagonist's motives are revealed about half-way into the movie (an hour in).

Watched 20110127 (Netflix, Instant)
Dog Day Afternoon (1975) Sidney Lumet. 125 min [bot article The Boys in the Bank (September 22, 1972 issue of Life Magazine) by P.F. Kluge and Thomas Moore]

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