Ultimate Avengers: The Movie (2006)

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Ultimate Avengers: The Movie (2006) Curt Geda, Steven E. Gordon, Bob Richardson. 72 min

Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man.

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The movie starts with Captain America. He stops a nuclear bomb and then falls into the ocean. Then the credits cue.

The Hulk and Betty.

After the credits, we see Nick Fury and a S.H.I.E.L.D. team searching some ice glaciers. There they uncover Captain America, frozen in the ice. Having brought Steve Roger's body aboard, we find Dr. Bruce Banner is also working as a research scientist.

After the body thaws, Steve turns out to be alive and momentarily panics before realizing where he is, or perhaps more appropriately, that he's been asleep for quite some time.

Nick Fury

Fury wants to work on his super-soldier initiative, but his superiors want to push a project called The Avengers. Fury, looking for Iron Man, proceeds to talk with Tony Stark, unaware that Stark is in fact Iron Man; Fury uses Agent Romanoff, Black Widow, to lure Stark in.

We proceed to meet two other characters: The Wasp and Giant Man. We then also meet Thor.

Having assembled all but Thor, Fury debriefs the team on the mission. In particular, a race of aliens called the Chitauri are hiding on Earth and their spacecraft use a metal called vibranium.

Giant Man

In preparation for a mission, Captain America is issued a shield made of vibranium and adamantium. Unfortunately, the team's mission goes considerably bad, as they fail to act as a team and listen to Captain America's orders. After the failed mission, the team dismantle.
In particular, they have to remove Iron Man's mask and discover he is Stark.

In any case, while the team disband, they return when the situation gets heavy. Banner also gains some control over the Hulk and participates in battle as well. Eventually, even Thor shows up. Having taken care of the Chitauri, the team proceed to deal with a raging mad Hulk.


Having watched most of the DC animation available on Netflix, I decided to start watching the films in the Marvel Animation direct-to-video series.

While I was initially excited to see what Marvel Animation had to offer, I found myself unimpressed with the art direction. Compared to most DC films I've seen, this film feels childish and simple.

Giant Man, The Wasp, and Nick Fury.

Instant Comments:
Thor protests whale hunting! Hahaha
Banner in this movie is a much darker, depressed Banner.
Huh. Why aren't all the aircraft above the carrier airborne? I guess they aren't all fighter jets.
In this movie, the Hulk is able to lift Thor's hammer. This is strange to me, as I thought people simply can or can't lift the hammer, based on their worthiness.

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