The Muppet Movie (1979)

Watched 20130829 (Netflix, Instant, HD) (Streaming until 20130901)
The Muppet Movie (1979) James Frawley. 95 mins.

Kermit sings "Rainbow Connection."

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Kermit sets out on his bike.

After seeing eight James Bond movies, I was ready to take a short break from watching James Bond. Luckily, there were several expiring movies I wanted to see outside of the Bond series.

To start off this change of pace, I decided to watch The Muppet Movie.

Fozzie Bear and Kermit pass by Big Bird, who's heading towards New York.

As expected, the movie was a great change of pace and quite humorous to watch. I enjoyed the movie and was both surprised and delighted to find that the movie was also a musical.

Instant Comments:
"Private screening? Yeah they're afraid to show it in public."
Ha. The number of puns!

Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem give the 1951 Studebaker a paint job.

Mr. the Frog.
"Kermie, Kermie. Speaking is not necessary, Dear. Role film."
Aww... cute little nephew.
"Maybe he should try Hare Krishna."
"Maybe he should try Hare Krishna." "Good grief, it's a running gag."
Hahaha. "Drinks on the house!" [everybody rushes out] Wait for the punchline.

Miss Piggy is the winner of the beauty pagent.

"I only work the single" might be a reference to White Christmas (1954) except in White Christmas the other guy keeps insisting and here Kermit doesn't pursue the idea.
AHAHAHA! "A bear in his natural habitat. A Studebaker"
Lol. They're going to Hollywood, while Big Bird is heading to New York City for public television. Note that I don't think its a reference to Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird, which came out in 1985.

Gonzo and Camilla the Chicken

The sign of the Trinity Memorial says "LOST? HAVE YOU TRIED REV HARRY KRISHNA?"
Lol. Don't bore the audience, just give them the screenplay.
"Sure if you want to do it the easy way." I literally asked out loud, "What?"
"Less the $2 trade-in for your new vehicle."
Ha. "Nice looking chickens." "Bwaa?"

The balloon vendor is played by Richard Pryor.
"Bear left." "Right frog." "That's cute."
Why would the pie be real? Ha.
"I don't understand any of this." Hehe.
Hahhahaha. "Would you taste it for us." [the waiter (Steve Martin) spits it out] "Excellent choice."

Miss Piggy and Kermit on a date.

"She made a monkey out of King Kong."
Professor Max Krassman is played by Mel Brooks.
Ha. The secretary lifts her foot when looking through the door. Then later when searching a box and bending over lifts her foot again. When she places the foot down, she lifts the other foot.

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