The Prince of Egypt (1998)

Partial Plot Summary:
The movie begins with workers building and slaving away. Then it cuts to a woman who has to give away her baby boy who would otherwise be taken and killed along with all the other Hebrew baby boys, by order of the pharaoh. While the river runs wild and full of other dangers, the mother takes the baby to the Nile, prays for his safety, and sends him off in a basket.

Moses (voiced by Val Kilmer)

One of her two children, Miriam, follows the basket down the river where it makes its way past many dangers and ends up safely at the palace. She watches on as the pharaoh's wife Queen Tuya finds the baby and adopts him, naming him Moses. As Tuya walks away from the river and into the palace, she beckons her biological son Rameses to come along.

Years later, we see Rameses and his brother Moses racing through the city in chariots. We also see Moses is quite a troublemaker, while Rameses seems to be the one who always takes the blame. In any case, the two are close with one another and get along well. In particular, upon Pharaoh Seti I assigning Rameses to Prince Regent, Rameses appoints Moses as Royal Chief Architect.

Moses (left) and Rameses (right, voiced by Ralph Fiennes)

During the festivities, Rameses is given a gift, a woman. However, due to her ferocity, Rameses gives her to Moses and she is set to Moses' chamber. She, however, manages to break free and escapes, though with a little help from Moses himself. Proceeding to leave into the city, Moses follows her, where eventually he runs into his biological siblings, Miriam and Aaron.

Excited for his return, Miriam runs up to him and begins telling him the truth about his past, which Moses finds preposterous. The conversation ends with Miriam alluding to Seti's order to kill the Hebrew baby boys and as he leaves, she sings him the lullaby their mother sang to him before floating him down the river.

Miriam (voiced by Sandra Bullock) and Aaron (voiced by Jeff Goldblum)

Later after coming home to the palace he sleeps and dreams about the story and upon wakening confirms the event regarding his father's orders to have all Hebrew baby boys killed. The next day, with these realizations in mind, protects an old slave man from being tortured by a guard. In the process, Moses accidentally kills the guard and panics.

Despite Rameses insists he stay, Moses decides to leave the palace and wanders through the desert, stripping all his royal garments except for a ring given to him by Rameses.

Finally, after a deal of walking, he ends up in Midian where Tzipporah, the girl he helped escape, resides. There, he becomes a shepherd, begins a relationship with Tzipporah, and eventually marries her.

Then one morning, he wakes up and a sheep leads him to a cave where God speaks to him and tells him he must free the Hebrew slaves. Moses returns to Egypt and confronts Rameses. Rameses refuses to let Moses' people go and upon meeting again in the river, the plagues start to spread.

Tzipporah (voiced by Michelle Pfeiffer)

First, I didn't like the songs in this movie. In particular, the film version of "When You Believe" was a letdown. In contrast, the film versions of "Beauty and the Beast" and "God Help the Outcasts" were at least almost as good as their pop versions.

While the animation itself was quite solid, the dialogue was sometimes overly dramatic. Then again, maybe I'm overreacting, as the movie's plot should be dramatic.

Overall, the was movie good, but not great.

Tzipporah and Miriam singing "When You Believe."

Fact: This movie is the second film released by DreamWorks Animation, the first being Antz (1998) which was released two months earlier.

Instant Comments:
His sister is quite desperate in a position to risk her life to reveal the truth.
Hahaha. "That's why papa said she'll never get married.

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The Prince of Egypt (1998) Brenda Chapman, Simon Wells, Steve Hickner. 99 min [adaptation of the Book of Exodus]

Seti I (voiced by Patrick Stewart) and Moses.

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