Dr. No (1962)

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Dr. No (1962) Terence Young. 110 min [botnotsn (1958) by Ian Fleming]

Bond, James Bond.

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Exciting car chases via green screen.

My first impression after watching this movie is that it was much simpler than a modern James Bond movie. Of course, this is due to both the low budget that comes with a new movie and the film technology available.

Honey Ryder.

The movie, however, still has plenty of action and brawling, making it worthwhile to watch. I would suggest any fan of James Bond movies to watch the film that started it all, Dr. No.

Bond's Walther PPK.

[Part of James Bond]

Instant Comments:
Ha. The gun firing is so unrealistic compared to modern films.
Wow. Sean Connery looks so different from his older self. Honestly, I can only identify him by his voice.
Double O, License to Kill.

Left to right: a server, Dr. No, Bond, and Ryder.

That tarantula scene is pretty good. Particularly with the music.
Ha. Exciting chase scene.
Honey Ryder (her name in the movie is Honey Ryder, her name in the book is Honeychile Rider)
Very resourceful.

I just realized, no fancy gadgets.
There's a peak of Honey as she comes out of the decontamination shower.
I never realized Sean Connery was so tall: 6'2"
Haha. What a cute model-sized scenery.

These movies often end in a boat.

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