The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002)

Eliza, her sister Debbie, and her parents.

Partial Plot Summary:
The introduction begins with a summary of Eliza Thornberry's powers, to catch up any viewers who haven't seen the show on which the movie is based. Eliza Thornberry travels with her parents who go around the world to film footage for a nature show. One day, Eliza saves a Shaman who was disguised as an animal and Eliza was gifted with the ability to talk to animals.

Sloan Blackburn and Eliza.

In the movie, the family is out in Africa and Eliza goes off to play (together with her friend Darwin, a chimpanzee). They walk off and meet some cheetah cubs. Akela, the cub's mother, allows Eliza to wander off with them, effectively putting her in charge. Unfortunately, while Eliza is in charge, poachers come and take the cubs away. Having promised to keep them safe, Eliza feels guilty and chases after.

Donnie and Debbie.

Eliza is unsuccessful in recovering the the cub Tally and her grandmother finds her behavior unacceptable. Cordelia, the grandmother, convinces Eliza's parents to send her to boarding school. She leaves, and Darwin stows aways in her luggage to follow her.

Having a vision from the man who gave Eliza her powers, Eliza gets a ticket back to Africa and is intent on saving the cubs. This leads us halfway into the film.

The family dance. In front are the grandparents.

As an adult, I'd say this movie was just alright. I'd imagine, however, it would serve as a good movie to watch in a family with kids. On the other hand, some kids might not appreciate 2D animation as much as 3D animation. In closing, if your kids like 2D animation and you're looking for a movie to watch as a family, then check out The Wild Thornberrys Movie.

Donnie shakes his booty.


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The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002) Cathy Malkasian, Jeff McGrath. 85 min

Eliza and Darwin head off to play.

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