You Only Live Twice (1967)

Watched 20130827 (Netflix, Instant) (Streaming until 20130902)
You Only Live Twice (1967) Lewis Gilbert. 117 min [botnotsn (1964) by Ian Fleming]


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Kissy Suzuki and James Bond.

While I find these James Bond movies enjoyable, it's not easy to watch so many in a row. If I had already seen them, however, then watching them one after the other would be less taxing. Ideally, I'd want to get through them all before they leave Netflix, but I'll undoubtedly have to take a break.

Bond and Blofeld.

In any case, while the opening credits themselves were visually unimpressive, I did enjoy the title song "You Only Live Twice" sung by Nancy Sinatra. It was also a pleasure to see this movie's portrayal of the villain Blofeld, because he serves as the basis for Dr. Evil, the villain in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (a parody of the James Bond series).

Overall, I didn't enjoy this movie as much as the previous movies.

It was fun watching the WA-116 fly and evade the helicopters.

[Part of James Bond]

Instant Comments:
You Only Live Twice was not mentioned at the end of Thunderball (1965).
These opening credits aren't as interesting as those in the two previous movies: Goldfinger and Thunderball.
Title song sung by Nancy Sinatra.
Ha. Bond shows some style with some hat on the rack of his own.
Hehe. "I think I will enjoy very much serving under you."

For once the good guys have someone awesome fighting for them.

[Watching the film from my bed, I fall asleep soon after the end of the flight sequence, realizing so about ten minutes later and pausing the movie before going back to sleep]
The autogyro scene is awesome, but I didn't understand how the scene itself was integral to the plot. [20130913: Apparently Bond was investigating the area and being attacked confirmed his suspicions that the SPECTRE base was nearby.]

This is their idea of stealthy: wearing gray to blend in with the volcanic surroundings.

Huh. It's ninja training and the man claimed they're taught to be stealthy. But none of the training shown is stealth related. [20130913: Though the entire idea of stealth isn't important, because the ninja army just enters Blofeld's secret base head-on.]
The guy training with his sword against other opponents with swords seemed intense. I wondered if the attackers were actually being slashed (in the fictional world, obviously not in real life).

Japanese secret service leader Tiger Tanaka invites Bond to his home. They disrobe and enter separate hot baths while talking. In one scene, you can see Connery's penis through the water.

I also recently (20130728) saw a scene involving poison dripped down a string in the Jet Li movie The New Legend of Shaolin (1994). In contrast to this movie, Jet Li's character awesomely senses the danger and sends it back up the string.
I thought astronaut suits were tailored to the size of an astronaut, but apparently they are basically one size fits all. According to this NASA webpage on Astronaut Requirements, an Astronaut Pilot must be between 62 and 75 inches, while a Mission Specialist must be between 58.5 and 76 inches.


Blofeld reveals his face to us and it's clear that Dr. Evil (from the Austin Powers series) is based on Blofeld.
I'm going to assume that for some reason the hatchet had material that could only be blown from the inside out and not outside in.
Ha. Finally a death which is followed by a phrase that isn't a pun. "Bon appetit."
Ha. Most of these movies end with a boat or raft of some sort.
This movie does mention the next in its credits: On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)

Once again things end on a raft. Though this time, the raft is on a sub.

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