Goldfinger (1964)

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Goldfinger (1964) Guy Hamilton. 110 min [botnotsn (1959) by Ian Fleming]

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Cool opening credits. Images are projected onto women painted in gold.

Goldfinger was fancier than the first two movies.* Thus, I found myself more engaged with this movie and liking it more than the first two.

In fact, this movie has two reasons why I'd watch it again. The first is that it contains one of my favorite exchange of lines: strapped down with a laser beam heading towards his crotch, Bond desperately asks Goldfinger, "Do you expect me to talk?" to which Goldfinger replies, "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die."

Auric Goldfinger.

The second reason is the movie contains one of the best Bond villains of all time: Oddjob. Never speaking a word, Oddjob is intimidating and uses his hat as a weapon.

Despite being just the third Bond movie, it might be one of my favorite.

*It follows Dr. No (1962) and From Russia with Love (1963).

[Part of James Bond]
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Instant Comments:
Ouch. What a way to die.
Haha. "Shocking. Positively shocking."

Goldfinger's henchman Oddjob, seen here crushing a golf ball.

Some of the scenes, or perhaps exclusively scenes from the last two movies are projected onto woman who are still and painted in gold. The previous opening credits also used projection, but onto moving belly dancers or onto a wall in which the dancers would occasionally dance about. Some searching on the internet says that there is a clip from Dr. No and a clip from From Russia with Love. The From Russia with Love clip is a different angle from the one used in the movie. There are also some clips which don't appear in any of the movies.

Bond on a golf course.

He said, "Bond, James Bond" in the first movie and in this movie, but I don't think he said so in the second movie.
"The president said he was entirely satisfied..." [radio is turned off] "Well that makes two of us."
Ha. He just pushes her in the face.
Huh, I like the sound of the out of tune, possibly dissonant chords, I'm not entirely certain.

The Aston Martin serves as Bond's car full of gadgets.

What style. Penny successfully tosses the hat onto the rack.
Hehe. The other man is surprised by Bond's recognition of the alcohol.
The car full of gadgets! Aston Martin.
Ha, she interrupted his "Bond, James Bond" introduction.
"They're my ice skates."
Big chase scene and fun use of gadgets, but it doesn't add up to much.

"Do you expect me to talk?"
"No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die."

Hehe. The laser coming towards the crotch.
At 52 minutes, the famous exchange! "Do you expect me to talk?" "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die."
"Pussy Galore."
Heading for Baltimore!
"A martini. Shaken, not stirred."

Oh I've seen this scene where Goldfinger converts his place to display his plans to rob Fort Knox.
Wait... I thought there were gold bars in the trunk. Unless they omitted the part where he took them out. Answer: apparently they decided to go the complicated route and not move the bars before crushing the car. That's... ridiculous.
Hilarious with the plane.
As in the last movie, the end credits begin with a note about the sequel: Thunderball (1965).

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