Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme (2007)

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Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme (2007) Patrick Archibald, Jay Olivia, Richard Sebast. 76 min

Doctor Strange

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The movie starts with a creature killing a man in the sewers and a group of fighters led by Baron Mordo are able to detect, pursue, and destroy it.

Baron Mordo rides atop a monster.

During the chase however, a man in his vehicle sees the group of fighters, despite the fact that Wong, one of the fighters, had cast a concealment spell. They leave and realize he saw them. We later meet him and learn that he's a doctor working at a hospital, Dr. Stephen Strange.

Strange is a great neurosurgeon, who over time has become selfish and egotistic. On a possibly related note, we learn he doesn't work on children, and perhaps it has to do with personal history regarding his kid sister.

Wong is to the left of Baron Mordo.

In any case, a fellow coworker seeks his assistance in the coma ward, where several cases of children have gone into comas. Examining the latest patient, Strange gets a vision of a fire demon in his mind. Possibly overwhelmed or frightened, Strange walks away.

During his drive home, he sees the same demon he saw earlier and gets into an accident. Unfortunately for Strange, the accident permanently damages his hands and it seems he won't be able to perform surgery ever again. Unable to give up his livelihood, Doctor Strange is desperate to have his hands repaired.

Dr. Atwater and Dr. Strange.

Putting all his effort and finance into repairing his hands, Doctor Strange fails to pay his bills and becomes homeless. Feeling useless, Strange looks to commit suicide. Wong, however, interrupts Strange and gives him some hope.

Told to go to Tibet, Strange is given a map. Unable to pay for a flight to Tibet, Strange begs his coworker to help him get a plane ticket. She agrees to help, and upon arriving at the temple, Strange is still quite arrogant and has much left to learn.

Left to right: Baron Mordo, Dr. Strange, and Wong

It seems, however, that the Ancient One finds something promising in Strange and allows him to stay. Strange, however, remains arrogant over the first several days and focuses heavily on the idea of saving his hands.

After a hard day's work, Strange returns to his room and finds the picture of his sister there, he collapses and we see what motivated Strange to become a doctor.

Strange holding his own in a practice duel against Mordo.

After some days have past, Strange gives up, abandons the temple, and falls in the snow. He dreams some more about the situation and the Ancient One appears to guide him in the right direction. As a result, Strange, with the Ancient One's guidance, makes huge progress.

Meanwhile, Baron Mordo and some of the other fighters return from protecting the Sanctuary against two monsters. The Ancient One (Sorcerer Supreme) reprimands Mordo for splitting the team into two instead of one at a time as ordered: Mordo's arrogance led to the loss of some students.

Doctor Strange

As I had no knowledge of Doctor Strange, except that his source of power is magic, I paid a lot of attention to the story. While reasonable as a whole, the story felt rushed in many places.

For example, Doctor Strange's development as a sorcerer could have been more detailed. As another example, the final battle was anti-climatic. In particular, the ending felt as though the writers took the easy way out.


I did, however, enjoy the animation and overall would say the movie is worth watching at least once.

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Instant Comments:
"One journey ends, while another begins."
"That is between you and the brushes."
"See the wall for what it is. Then tear it down."
The Ancient One says, "Believe as you will, but do as you're commanded."
"By learning to accept the unacceptable." I try to follow this philosophy when I can. For example, if I have to work, rather than dreading it, I realize I should just enjoy it, because I already have to do it. Sometimes easier said than done though.

"Have you ever held a blade in your life?" "To save lives yes, but not to take them."
During a fight between Mordo and Strange, Mordo looks to be winning and Strange manages to innately redirect Mordor's magic.
Hahahaha. "We have but one option: kill the children before he can come through."
"Well that is not what I meant." Lol, so what did he mean? After reading the Wikipedia summary, I suppose Wong simply meant for Strange to manipulate or redirect the magic as opposed to outright absorbing it.

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