Orange is the New Black

I've heard so much about this series and today I decided to see what all the hype was about.

I finished the first two episodes with a positive impression.

As of 20170521, I don't remember why I didn't continue watching, but before finding these notes, I kept thinking that perhaps I'd almost seen the entire first season. Perhaps I simply felt that due to the amount of story conveyed within the first two episodes.

[20130819 Event Date][20170521]

Wow. The ending to this episode was intense. The episode as a whole was interesting, being told by switching back and forth between past and present events. The episode was typically serious, but occasionally humorous.

The second episode started with the chef who we met near the end of the first episode.
"I have a question." "Today I'm only here as a formality."
"King Cone."
It's interesting, she's shown herself to speak a bit of Spanish, French, and now some sign language.
LOL. "You popped her tit."
Ha. Everybody gets to hear the movie and laugh except her.
Hehehe. The consequence.

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