Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

Like Godzilla: King of the Monsters, this movie lacks a good plot. However, the dialogue in this movie didn't feel as annoying, and the action was better. In particular, this movie did well to focus more on the big fights rather than on the human characters. With that being said, I loved the lighter sideplot involving the character Madison Russell (particularly due to the actress Millie Bobby Brown). Overall, I thought it was a much better movie.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 98% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.
Instant Comments:
Hehe. He sharpened the tree in one stroke with his hand. I feel even if someone is strong, that would hurt. Unless perhaps one's hand was super calloused
How did these creatures coexist in the past? I guess they specifcally said there can't be two alphas, and somehow both Godzilla and Kong are alpha-level monsters. I guess in the previous movie it was shown that Godzilla is definitely an alpha. But was this shown of Kong? [technically this movie is also a sequel to Kong: Skull Island (2017), so it is likely that Kong's strength was displayed in that movie]
"Did the monkey just talk?" Is Godzilla a monkey?
Hehe. Slams down $100
Hmm. Kind of cool, but I wonder if realistically the battle carrier would carry both their weight (Godzilla and Kong)
Hmm. I guess the unfair part is Kong fighting in water. He's already at a power disadvantage with Godzilla's beam.
That scene didn't make clear how the death charges saved Kong and why it would have disabled Godzilla
Well it's better than nothing. If they didn't cut their power, they would haven't have been able to fight off Godzilla. Otherwise they would have already been able to
Hmm. Lame. That winged monster was going to suffocate Kong, and the spacecraft had to fire... so much for being an alpha.
I like how they showed Kong's intelligence with the gravity inversion
"What is that? Robo-Godzilla?" "No, that's Mechagodzilla." [apparently within the Godzilla franchise, the robotic Godzilla is named "Mechagodzilla"]
Hehe. Kong takes a seat.
Hmm... he's been snooping around, but he seems to know too much about this technology for the purpose of explaining the plot.
Ooo. They just threatened the little girl... Kong won't be happy.
Psh. A signal was able to upload the data of the sample all the way through the Earth?
Hehe. Godzilla blew a hole through the Earth...
Justice? (they tried to escape, but Kong catches the vehicle and destroys it)
A statue of a "Kong"
"This would be a great DJ booth"
Epic. Kong just jams the butt of the axe down Godzilla's throat to stop the beam
Kong has some speed, but he can barely outpace the beam
Hehe. The near miss of the ship around the beam was slightly cheesy but cool enough
That's weird, the beam seemed like it followed the axe as Kong raised it
Tactical: Kong throws the beam to distract Godzilla.
Wow, even without his beam, Godzilla is so much stronger than Kong...
Hehe. Godzilla decides to scream back... I almost thought he would give up (but earlier the scientist said Kong wouldn't back down). Interesting that Godzilla backs off instead of dealing some sort of killing blow. I guess that shows Godzilla is civil... he's not bloodthirsty crazy
Smile. "That's not fair. I really wanted to hear the rest of that speech."
Hmm. Glad he's helping now. But what did this scientist do that was so critical on the mission that he had to come to begin with?
He must have been speaking with her for a long time to have learned so much vocabulary
Nice 2 v 1. But Kong should grab his axe.
Ah okay. He spots his axe. Here we go.
LOL. Hmm... I guess a mechanical malfunction to bypass the software security lock makes sense in this case. It would be the equivalent of cutting the chain off a bicycle lock. Well not the equivalent, but analogous.

Watched 20231229 (Netflix, Instant)
Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) Adam Wingard. 113 min

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