Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers (2022)

I started this movie the other day. Today I finished it. Overall, it was a fun film to watch with plenty of nostalgic moments. Two primary elements of the movie reminded me of Who Framed Roger Rabbit:
- genre and style: live-action/animated comedy film (Wikipedia further designates Roger Rabbit as a mystery and Rescue Rangers as an action-adventure)
- portrayal of classic animated characters as actors and actresses who make the movies and shows we all know
Fortunately for Rescue Rangers, the likeness makes sense and the film can be thought of as a modern-day Roger Rabbit, not just in style but possibly in popularity. Well, perhaps Roger Rabbit is such a good movie that it might be a degree or two better than Rescue Rangers, but Rescue Rangers was certainly not a failure.

Instant Comments:
1b: Resume as they leave the building "it's like they knew we were coming"
1b: Oh, cause Dale is broadcasting on social media. Well ambiguously the cop lady. Because back in the garage with Albany [Okay very soon after this comment Chip makes this hypothesis about Ellie, which makes me think maybe it is Putty, that would be the surprise twist]
1b: Lol Paul Rudd (and "Aunt Man" joke)
1b: Haha the disguise puts Chip into his old costume (because Indiana Jones booth) [20220610: in the Wikipedia article for Chip 'n' Dale, a statement in the Rescue Rangers section remarks on this likeness to Indiana Jones: "Chip wears a leather jacket and fedora (much like Indiana Jones), while Dale wears a Hawaiian shirt (much like Magnum, P.I.)."]
1b: How did the kid not age compared to Pan?
1b: Lol the fireworks and mickey head and Disney theme song
1b: Lol "I'm gonna wreck stuff" (not sure if it's a reference to Wreck-It Ralph; Ralph says "I'm gonna wreck it!")
1b: I thought she would have used the extinguisher right away
1b: Ooo, burn. "hey Putty, don't be so fragile" (because earlier he told her not to be so fragile)
1b: Lol the bird is on call
1b: Haha that laugh. "The worst the joke, the longer the laugh."
1b: Hehe they joke about the pop theme song which soon follows [interestingly, I just finished The Little Mermaid where I observed that the movie's end credit song was not a pop theme song]
1b: Hehe Dale stays 3D
1b: Ha Aunt Man
1b: In some prints Dale is 2D
1b: Lol Darkwing Duck [20220610: would be cool]
Watched first half 202205##, second half 20220601 (Disney+)

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