Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002)

Instant Comments:
Prior to start of the movie, I knew Anakin will be in charge of protecting Padme and I couldn't help but think whose bright idea it was to do so... despite his training as a Jedi, his emotional weakness is still there and placing him next to Padme...
Amidala is immediately suspicious of Dooku
Turns out Dooku was once a Jedi. Which is interesting because I didn't know one could stop being a Jedi.
It turns out it was essentially Dooku's idea and he carefully set it all up though pretended to establish Obi-Wan. Maybe he's responsible for then getting Obi-Wan to leave...
Holy moly that jump out the window...
Second surprise would be that this droid carries the weight of Obi-Wan
While I imagine Obi-Wan being able to use the force. I feel like some drop with the craft would make it more realistic. [20220611: that is to say, if the craft moves downward to ease with the deceleration]
Lol the timing of Anakin's drop must be incredible use of the Force.
Lol Obi-Wan retrieves the saber.
Oh a changeling. So her face did change during the flight
Ooo Obi-Wan says his padawan isn't ready
"It's not fair"
Lol, what a creep. "Please don't look at me like that" "Why not?" "It makes me uncomfortable" "Sorry, Milady" (continues to look onward with a creepy look)
Huh... somewhat silly statement. "If it doesn't appear in our records it doesn't exist"
This sand line doesn't seem so bad starting with Padme's comment about sand. Though the rest of the conversation is still awkward
The music stopped in sync with when she said no
Boba Fett
Wait what? He had kissed her.
Foreshadowing. It would destroy us.
C-3PO with coverings
Owen Lars... that would be Luke's adoptive father? [Yes]
Wow. That's a dramatic fallen head.
Yoda can sense Anakin's pain... wonder if that is Yoda's strength to sense or Anakin broadcasting himself.
Huh. Lars was familiar with C-3PO and briefly met R2-D2.
Amidala insists to help Obi-Wan (I love this white costume she wears)
Then we decided to come and rescue you. Ob-Wan sarcastically replies "Good job."
Haha. "She seems to be on top of things."
What? Some Jedi just carry spare lightsabers?
Hehe all these puns
Samuel Jackson is pretty smart with the purple lightsaber
Huh, the clones helped in saving them (under command of Yoda)
Death star design
Obi-Wan neutralizes the lightning.
Dooku is so skilled (as teacher to Qui-Gon, I guess he must be)
Yoda truly neutralizes the lightning.
Oh wow, Yoda was the teacher of Dooku
"Begun the clone war has"
Watched at least once before
Watched 20220605 (Disney+)

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