Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Instant Comments:
1: [didn't have a chance to read the pages fully]
B: reread book pages, critical to story
B: "magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all"
A: singing to the well
A: the Prince hears
A. Started paying attention when Queen talks to the Huntsmen
1: Oh she's a princess.
1: Maybe they'll let me stay. Ha
1: Licking the plates.
1: Nononono into the tub
1: Under the rug
1: Nonono
1: Haha he leaves the key next to the door he just locked
1: This heigh ho song came soon after whistle while you work. I recently identified somewhere in a disney movie (probably encanto) where two songs came so close to each other
1: Jiminy crickets
1: The whole place is clean. There's something dirty afoot.
1: Hahaha. Here take it. Dont be nervous.
1: Which end do we kill? (Not a terrible question)
1: He never tried.
1: Why wash. Taint new year.
1: Lol I do not remember this washing song. I definitrly thought they were just to wash their hands
1: Ben says "look theres a castle"
1: Hmm. What's the point of being fairest. Or well second isnt bad if the fairest is hiding in a forest
1: She wants to be fairest but is so happy about transforming into an ugly hag with a raspy voice.
1: Oh. This song is on one of mydisney soundtracks but i disnt know it was from snow white.
1: Some Day My prince will come follows this other song. Wow. Snow white is packed full of songs.
1: Well she only takes up about 3 beds....
1: Technically as long as snow white is alive though sleeping, the queen would not be the fairest on the land
1: Hahaha seconds
1: Hehe grumpy reacts to kiss
1: "Maybe the old queens got snow white"
1: Hehe the vultures...
1: She doesn't even know this person [oh wait, I missed the beginning, they did meet, and so he sought after her]
1=20220622,A=20220622 (rewatch a scene),B=20220622 (rewatch a scene)
Seen at least once before
Watched 20220622 (Disney+)

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