Cinderella (1950)

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1a: She was shivering (cold water shower) [20220620: it's a subtle detail]
1a: Octavious! I never knew. Gus Gus.
1a: Hahaha he chose his own tail. I suppose there's no way to cheat without being caught so it's fair.
1a: Holy moly, Cinderella just did them. Honestly though, how would the stepmother know if they didn't get done again.
1a: Pause after this assignment of chores (from the stepmother to Cinderella)
1b: Resume Cinderella. Her sisters sing and play violin poorly
1b: Lucifer is so cruel, she sings better (pleasing relative to where he ran away from) and he tortures her by dirtying the stairs
1b: Ben laughs at bibbidi boppidi boo song, he always loved such silly words phrases
1b: She didn't even know he was the prince
1b: He didn't do a great job of chasing after her, I suppose he's a gentlemen
1b: She drops the teapot learning of the Prince
1b: Why did the stepmother have to lock it from the inside when there's a keyhole on both sides?
1b: Hmm I mean the Duke did see Cinderella from the back. And the prince would recognize her so he wouldn't actually marry a random girl. [I guess the glass slipper wasn't just small, but beyond the size, it would have perfctly conformed to only Cinderella's feet]
1b: Hehe its like two to three times too small
1b: Ooo I totally forgot about Bruno.
1b: That horse... all Disney animals look alike
1b: "But you see I have the other slipper."
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Watched first half 20220613, second half 20220615 (Disney+)

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