Hustle (2022)

Instant Comments:
Hahaha. Fakes to be 22 years old with a 10-year-old son.
Lol. Intentionally leveraging the father-son relationship seems unfair.
That's good. I almost thought that Rex wouldn't have mentioned the assistant coach position to anybody.
Oh, the son ended up drafting Haas.
Damn. That sucks (he has to go back to scouting)
Kind of interesting he's never scouted these kind of games before.
Huh. He managed to get on the bus.
Hahahaha. "You're a fantasy for me."
Hahaha. "He's not lost. He moved to Portugal with whore."
WTF. Minimum is 900K!?!
Haha. He made the jump to the top and was only wearing flops
Holy crap, this Vin... He must be out of his mind.
He sacrificed his first class seat (well, likely not a huge sacrifice from his point of view)
Wow. That quit was intense.
"It's you against you out there." (he told his daughter something similar)
He's gonna start making fun of him. ["Your mom's a whore." Obvious]
Whore's get paid, she gives it out for free.
The montage.
Though I feel someone else should insult him.
"Yeah, Rocky!"
WTF. Vince is such an asshole.
This truth moment (Bo learns that Stanley's been lying) wasn't as bad as I expected it would be.
I like how she told him about the next play. Got me teary eyed.
Dr. J calls him the "Boa."
So based on what his wife said, he's gonna fly the kid in?
Hehe. He took number 22
Haha, his wife, not Clyde Dexter. Does it matter?
Hehe, I thought Bo would have turned around on his own.
That's good that he doesn't hold a grudge against the 76ers as an organization
Hehe, 76ers didn't get Bo
Aww... his left arm (earlier in the film, he said that space was for his dad)
Watched 20220611 (Netflix)

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