The Jungle Book (1967)

Today I decided to finish the movie (technically we had previously finished the movie, but I had only seen bits and pieces).
Instant Comment:
1a: Watched up to the point where Baloo and Bagheera save Mowgli from King Louie [20220610: ~39 min mark]
1b: Resumed movie at about the 39 min mark (it's gone from day time to night time)
1b: "You wouldn't marry a panther would you?" (Bagheera to Baloo)
1b: Baloo tries to ask the same of Mowgli, "You wouldn't marry a panther would you?"
1b: "What!?! A female leading my herd. Utterly preposterous."
1b: hehe. "What we gonna do?"
1b: "You're trying my patience. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!"
1b: HA! "He's got a tiger by the tail, he has." [this saying means "something too difficult to manage or cope with"]
1b: Huh, I thought Mowgli would have used his smarts (the supposed advantage of being a man) to create the fire (earlier in the film a technique which King Louie expected to be known by man), but in this version of the story he just got lucky (perhaps being able to hold the stick was Mowgli's strength? kind of silly)
1b: Despite being alive, technically Baloo should be incredibly scratched up
1b: "Forget about those. They ain't nothing but trouble."
1b: I guess in general this movie departs from the message that is to be imparted by the book [the Wikipedia page says "The early versions of both the screenplay and the soundtrack followed Kipling's work more closely, with a dramatic, dark, and sinister tone which Disney did not want in his family film"]
1b: hehe, she drops it on purpose
1b: Baloo remarks "She did that on purpose." Bagheera replies, "Obviously."

Watched at least twice before.
Watched first half prior to 20220227, second half to 20220610 (Disney+)

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