Pinocchio (1940)

Instant Comments:
1a: "As I stood there warming my... myself" haha (as opposed to saying his butt)
1a: Is that the Queen of Hearts? [Alice in Wonderland wasn't made until 1951; because it's not an exact match, the similarity would most likely be due to the general shared animation style across movies, e.g., similar looking animals across all the movies]
1a: neither Figaro nor Cleo like the name
1a: Ha! All those clocks and he says to himself "I wonder what time it is" as he pulls out his pocketwatch.
1a: Jiminy Cricket says "A very real thought but not at all practical." [At which I realize it's been a long time since I've seen this movie. Perhaps not since my childhood]
1a: Haha, a badge.
1a: "Always let your conscience be your guide" she tells Pinocchio.
1a: Jiminy Cricket takes a whiff of the pipe.
1a: Lol his reaction to the lady.
1a: Where is Jiminy Cricket during all this?
1a: Huh. "Hi-diddle-dee-dee, an actor's life for me." (Is this related to "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)"?) [no, the songs are very different]
1a: Oh Jiminy Cricket is late
1a: Lol, Jiminy Cricket oggles at the can-can puppets [this behavior appears to be a repeating theme]
1a: Why would he have a cage ready? If he specializes in puppets why would he have a cage? [It's later referred to as a bird cage]
1a: Hehe "must be one of the old models"
1b: Oh Geppetto calls out as the carriage passes but the thunder sounds.
1b: Lol plenty. Hardly the amount that Stromboli pulled in.
1b: "They never come back... as boys!!!"
1b: Oh, a bird cage.
1b: Huh, why necessary to lick pencil tip? [20220619: it has to do with how pencils used to work]
1b: Wow, smoking in a kid's film.
1b: Jimini Cricket knows how to read (contrasting with Honest John who couldn't spell Pinocchio and Gideon who only wrote down scribbles when jotting notes)
1b: How will Jimini Cricket breathe [the writers just decide to ignore the issue of breathing]
1b: Lol put it in the wrong end
1a=20220611 Part 1,1b=20220611 Part 2
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