Finding Dory (2016)

I didn't take any live notes but I enjoyed this movie. It was neat to learn about Dory's past and how she had her own way of succeeding in life.

One observation I had early on the movie was in regards to something her parents asked her which I would have interpreted as knowledge that would have been embedded in Dory's long-term memory. As she wasn't able to answer, it struck me as odd since her condition is explicitly short-term memory loss. Perhaps I have a misunderstanding of the connection between short-term memory and long-term memory.

In any case, I like how they found a way to explain various aspects about Dory from the first film, such as her ability to talk whale and why she sings "Just keep swimming."

It was an emotional moment to see the various lines of shell, but when she saw her parents, no tear reached or filled the eye. I guess the buildup wasn't exactly there. In addition, there was not enough evidence that her parents would have been alive or to what extent they had wanted to see Dory. In particular, there was even one moment in the film where they were talking about Dory and it was never revealed what prompted them to be so concerned as to even have that conversation.

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1: Off off off kff. I guess this was done the seagulls saying "Mine mine mine" in the first movie.
1: Lol. The fish from the first movie roll in and they all get taken to quarantine. They've been in bags all this time. Over a year... surely they would have actually starved to death.

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