The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea (2000)

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Previously watched the first third.
I think whatever the original movie was rated out of 10, this movie is probably 2 scores down. Checking on, the original has a 7.6 (257K ratings) and the sequel has a 5.5 (19K ratings). Interestingly, several cast members reprised their roles in the film: Jodi Benson (Ariel), Samuel E. Wright (Sebastian), Pat Carroll (Ursula / Morgana), Buddy Hacket (Scuttle), Kenneth Mars (King Triton), Rene Auberjonois (Louis), Edie McClurg (Carlotta). From the list, I also recognize Rob Paulsen (Prince Eric), Frank Welker (Max), and Tress MacNeille (uncredited for Mother Penguin / Baby Penguin); in particular, the three of them are/were voice actors for Animaniacs (2020/1993 series).
Instant Comments:
1b: Resumed at 26 minute mark - I vaguely recall this scene.
1b: Go back to the 23.5 minute mark which I've definitely seen.
1b: That's what her father said to her, "You deliberately disobeyed me."
1b: Morgana moves so fast, not just walking
1b: Hmm. Melody's transformation into a mermaid was not as believable; somehow the breathing underwater bit seems weird; she also complains about wrinkly skin
1b: comedic intervention with a penguin and walrus comedic duo
1b: I think penguins and walruses can swim underwater but have limited underwater time... I'm guessing penguins can last at most 10 minutes and walruses at most 20 minutes. [according to some articles, Emperor Penguins can hold their breath for up to 20 minutes (possibly 27 minutes according to an article citing research done in 2013), but typically dive for 3-6 minutes; meanwhile, one source says walruses "generally breathe at the surface for about one minute after every five to eight minutes," adding they "can stay submerged for as long as 10 minutes," and that a deep dive of 113 meters was documented with a submersion time of 25 minutes; as I continue to scour the internet, facts regarding how long animals hold their breath vary substantially perhaps due to the differences between typical dive times, typical extremes, record extremes, and new evidence over time][general depths for penguins are between 100 and 200 meters, 450 meters might be a general extreme, with 550 meters being the order for record extreme; as such, Atlantica can't be that deep]
1b: Whoa, Flounder grew up and put on some weight (he's a dad)
1b: Interesting, only Triton or his descendents can remove the trident... but why should anyone but him be able to remove it...
1b: Ugh. Are children really so stupid? Despite her mom lying, it's her mom vs a stranger...
1b: Uh... why bring Max?
1b: So her downfall, like her sister, is tunnel vision... lame

1b: I definitely like the original movie version of this song more than this credits recording; this recording has some personality to it, but ultimately I like the higher pitch of the original
Watched first third prior to 20220227, remaining thirds 20220628 (Disney+)

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