Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)

I saw bits and pieces of this movie today at the dentist office. Some parts I only heard the audio.

Overall... some humor and interesting moments but... I felt it had some flaws as far as a live action adaptation goes.

Instant Comments:
1b: Paramount logo has Sonic rings
1b: She was basically Obi-Wan Kenobi
1b: 296 MPH. This is fast, but is it really that fast?
1b: Huh. From what we can perceive, the camera speed doesn't decrease when Sonic runs back to get the turtle, but manages to get back to the camera. It's possible if he was running at less than half his top speed.
1b: "No I'm not!"
1b: Speed
1b: Smile. Two cakes
1b: Skipped from 13 minute mark (he plays baseball with himself) to 16 minute mark
1b: 5 PhD
1b: Skipped from 22 minute mark to 30 minute mark (Dr. Robotnik is questioning Tom)
1b: Is that an innocent joke? Wouldn't that damage reputation of a brand? (Amazon joke)
1b: Runs into the Pacific... He did it in less than several seconds [4 seconds]. So the coast wasn't so far away. Where are they located? [Green Hills, Montana; an estimate of the eastern point of Montana to the Ocean is about 300 miles. Assuming he was trying to run topspeed for ths scanner, it would have taken him an hour...; using 300 miles and 4 seconds, he would have been running about 270000 mph!]
1b: This scene (37 minute mark) was the last scene I saw at the dentist
1b: In this bar scene he's running fast enough that everybody remains still except for the sparklers. Makes me think of the X-Men Quicksilver scene
1b: Ha! Start a bar fight was on his bucket list
1b: HAHAHA! "That's brilliant, sir." "Thanks... for nothing."
1b: The dance. [Flossing]
1b: His signature shoes
1b: Dr. Eggman
1b: Seems like an inconsistency with the time the ring portal stays open
1b: I thought Tom would have grabbed the quill
1b: The Sonic theme song on piano perhaps
1b: Ha. $50 to Olive Garden
1b: Also, more importantly, what the heck. The government sent Robotnik after Sonic and then decided Robotnik was crazy and ignore existence of Sonic. A whole town knows about Sonic and... that isn't gonna be a problem?
1b: Oh no, the quill. (I suppose that's how a sequel happens)

1b: Tails

Watched bits and pieces on 20220630 (dentist office) and everything else on 20220702 (Amazon Prime)

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