Monsters University (2013)

Instant Comments:
Hehe his roommate is Randall
Lose the glasses gives Randall the scary squint
Oh no "Be My Pal" became "Lame"
Hehe Mike has the book smarts
Lol legit scary until his mom came though
They didn't even prepare
Wait doesn't the whole team need to finish?
Hehe they lucked out but also got to make use of some talent
Lol she listens to thrash metal
What's interesting is there are managers which should itself be a major for the more book smart folks...
Hehe Sulley and Biggs.
Haha. Dig deep! Honestly it was unbelievable. They also commented it would take a record breaking scare.
Oh no... Sulley cheated.
While it might not have been a winning scare, it was a good scare
I thought the cannisters have to be connected to collect the scream.
Hehe the CDA
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