Dinosaur (2000)

Overall, the story of this movie was not good. The protagonist had a certain personality but didn't fully stick to it. There was this opportunity at the end to redeem himself, several events go wrong and there's this odd unhappy event which seems unnecessary. Overall, it's one of the worst Disney feature films, if not the worst.
Instant Comments: somehow feeels fake relative to Jurasic Park.
maybe cause Disney movie, but would have liked the triceratops to put up a fight (or if not in believed triceratops behavior, then stegosaurus) [The Wikipedia says the predator is a Carnotaurus and the prey was a Pachyrhinosaurus]
wait some kind of primates existed during this time? [oh these are lemurs, but still]
hehe. what's he gonna do gum us to death?
[Ada said the pack of predatory dinosaurs were Velocipraptors; according to Wikipedia, she is correct; they seem much smaller than how they're depicted in the Jurassic Park series] [the protagonist is an Iguanodon, other key characters are a Styracosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and Brachiosaurus][I read about the differences between a Brachiosaurus (giraffe-like) and Brontosaurus (elephant-like)][Then there's Little Foot who is an Apatosaurus, which used to be the same species as a Brontosaurus, until in 2015, they were considered different species] probably the water is gone

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