Ali Wong: Baby Cobra (2016)

Instant Comments:
Lol. The light of potential between the thigh gap.
I still have my TI-89 manual, among many other manuals [I also have the calculator]
She made the description of the TI graphing calculator funny (she has good delivery)
Smile. Secret Garden, Public Park, Reggae Fest, homeless
Smile. Absorbing privilege.
Be racist together
Filipino/Japanese, Chinese/Vietnamese
Hahaha. "I did not ask to be exfoliated today."
Half-Fancy Asian, Half-Jungle Asian
Lol. "Because I had been pressuring him to do it."
Ha! "He's probably pinterest'ed in men."
"I don't want to 'lean in.' I want to 'lie down.'"
She jokes about the negatives of the feminist movement
eww... disgusting description of the thin toilet paper
Hahahaha. "It's okay because the internet will catch up to you."
"A whole new world..."
"Because I'm the real boss..."
"Never go paintballing with a Vietnam veteran"
She's gonna make a joke about black friends [yeah, there it is]
oh my goodness, that exercise...
hehe juicy
"Did you know that you're going to poop on the table." "Yeah, I look forward to it."
the double standards: good dad vs bad mom
Smile. Neosporin
Hehe. "He's the one who trapped me."
Watched 20220612 (Netflix)

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