Rick and Morty

I watched the first and second episode at a friend's house. It was my first time ever watching Rick and Morty.

I watched the first episode.


I watched episodes 2 to 8. While I found the show humorous and well-written, for some reason I couldn't continue watching.

However, about an hour later, instead of choosing a movie or another show to watch, I decided to finish the season.

20170514: Morning
I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. I started watching season 2. I saw episodes 1 and 2.


Remark: I'll be watching the uncensored versions (language is not bleeped out). I first watched a YouTube video with all the uncensored parts from the first season.

20170514: Evening
I watched (season 2) episodes 3 and 4.

I watched (season 2) episode 5 with Ada.

I watched (season 2) episode 6. Later I watched (season 2) episode 7.

20170518: AM
I watched (season 2) episode 8.

I remember my friend talking about people having theories on the show and I was going to read some but decided to first write my own theory. Having seen each episode only once, I don't really know many details, but I would say that the show is just a television show. This is because of the way Rick sometimes breaks the fourth wall and has his catch phrases (e.g., the end of Season 1). It would also explain why the story wouldn't necessarily be consistent.

I finished the season today (watched episodes 9 and 10). The ending of season 10 certainly falls into my theory of the show just being a television show (unless that's just the way the writers want to end their seasons).

Today I watched season 3 episode 2 with my coworkers.

Today I watched season 3 episode 1.

Today I watched season 3 episode 3, episode 4, and episode 5 with my coworkers.

0=Watched once before at my friend Michael's, 1=20170511


1: Haha. It'll be like Inception except it'll make sense.
1: Hahahaha. "You think you can control me with a haircut?" (I assume Snowball meant castration)
1: Ha. Human testicles.
1: "It's like Old Yeller." "Aw. You mean cause it had dogs."
0=Watched once before at my friend Michael's, 1=20170512


1: Hahahahaha. "...I watch them. Sometimes from a chair, sometimes from a closet. Almost always dressed as Superman."


1: Hmm... I knew they were trying to get the formula still (when Morty is pouring the ingredients in) but I don't think Rick got tricked. The aliens prematurely stopped the simulation before seeing if the combination of ingredients worked.
1: Anyone smart enough would figure at least one of two things (and I assumed Morty was smart enough). First, if the aliens already had the concentrated dark matter formula, then they would have been able to catch up, so using concentrated dark matter to attempt to escape would be a futile effort. Second, the best assumption is to assume they are still in a simulation, and first test it with a fake formula. From the point of view of the aliens, they cannot verify the authenticity of the formula on the fly, and yet after using the fake formula, the aliens would have to simulate that it works. Or, as in the episode, stop the simulation.
1: With all that being said, the simulation of Morty was advanced.

1: Ghostbusters
1: Ha. Morty's bargain. "Every tenth."


1: Hahaha. Infinite universes. And the Rick and Morty we're following left their universe and entered one where versions of them saved the universe but die.


1: "Ball Fondlers"



1: Great season finale.

1: Ha, the options.
1: When Fart sang, I could hear Jermaine Clement's voice
1: Hahaha. Hahahaha. Takes home a Jerry that might not be his

1: Uh... what? [The Wikipedia explains the appearance of Mr. Poopybutthole by saying it is a different pair of Rick and Morty]

1: According to Reddit, "They're gonna use this as an excuse to take away our freedom."
1: Hahaha. "Oh yeah. Good thing I saw that note."

1: How did his voice reach the restroom?
1: "Perpendicular... perpendicular!"
1: "Pickle Rick!"
1: Lol. Parkour.
1: Hehe. Patches himself with a pickle slice.
1: Coughs. "Jesus Christ. That therapist."
1: "That Morty, is why you don't go to therapy."

1: Hehe. I questioned the part about kids and then Rick brought it up as well.
1: Turns out it's "Vindicator 3" and not "Vindicators 2"
1: "I am back to one million ants."
1: Saw.
1: Israel.
1: Wow. Morty really knows Rick well.
1: Ha. 5 minutes for 5 shots, yet...
1: "Who the fuck is Noob Noob."

1: The brother shoots his sister. (second time)
1: 90-minute cut of Avatar

"You can't keep the drones."
*Today (20171116) I started watching this episode and realized I already saw it.

1: Simple Rick's.
1: Are these four Morty's going on an adventure suppose to be a parody of Stand By Me?
1: Interesting shoot-out.
1: This whole thing is a bit like Sin City or Pulp Fiction.
1: Holy crap. The new Simple Rick's.
1: While the episode was interesting, I'm more interested in where it will go.

1: Breaks the fourth wall. Rick tells us that the episode is about "Morty's Mindblowers" instead of "Interdimensional Cable."
1: Seems like a version of Rear Window.
1: Ha. "Only in the literal sense."
Morty's Menagerie
1: "They don't all have titles though, it's not like a Simpsons Halloween special."
1: Ha. Editing.
The Whole Enchilada
Poop Aids _ copy (Rick says "Poop Aids Underscore Copy")
Morty figures out that they're color-coded
1: Begins series of untitled
1: References Star Wars. Cutting open an animal to get inside.
1: Men in Black II and not Men in Black.
Untitled (I'll keep looking for clues)
1: Wow. Summer saves the day (and implied it's not the first time).
1: Summer says under her breath, "No wonder you're constantly fighting with each other and behind schedule." I don't entirely understand what she means though. [I found a reddit post (https://www.reddit.com/r/rick_and_morty/comments/70v5ak/no_wonder_youre_constantly_fighting_with_each/) where I found a satisfactory set of answers: Summer's last line is a reference to the writers constantly fighting with each other (with respect to ideas) and then fall behind schedule. The Mind Blowers room represents a room full of ideas which they may have had, but not worth developing into an episode.]
1: References E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

1: Ha. Morty knows the species and is able to greet her in her language.
1: Parent Trap
1: All those toys.
1: "I'm owning it."
1: "And that's why one pussy plus two pussies makes a bunch of pussies."
1: References Blade Runner.
1: "That's Gorgon shit. Total Gorgon shit."
1: Lol. "By the way, that wasn't time travel, there were a couple pizzas on the counter, I grabbed them."
1: Ha. Awesome messages on Jerry's message machine.

1: He treats us like Ghostbusters.
1: Minecraft.
1: "South Park did it four years ago."
1: Lol. He edited his own wiki page. "That part is true!" (pirates)
1: He didn't give her a straight answer.
1: Lol. They don't believe any of his threats.
1: "Words. Don Cheadle."
1: Maybe the other ones are clones and Beth is real.
1: "Like season 1."

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