Saving Private Ryan (1998)

I saw this movie once a long time ago and I hardly remembered any of it. Watching it again today, I didn't particularly like the bookends of the film.

Captain Miller (Tom Hanks)

The movie was worth viewing, but it didn't sit as a personal favorite. In fact, I was surprised when I learned it is currently ranked 30th on IMDb's Top 250. I was further surprised when I learned that I had previously rated the movie a 9 out of 10.

Sergeant Horvath (Tom Sizemore)

While I would intuitively assign the movie an 8, the movie had captivating sound work and visuals. The scenes where sounds were omitted were a particular pleasure to watch. At the moment, I only remember this sound omission being used to great effect in Star Trek (2009). I have surely, however, seen other movies which have implemented silence.

Private Reiben (Edward Burns)

As for the visuals, I particularly remember the amount of detail and casualty displayed in the opening battle. And that moment when Tom Hanks is sitting in the ocean soaked with blood and dumps water out of his helmet is just powerful.

Private Jackson (Barry Pepper)

In the end, all things considered, if decimal values could be given on IMDb, I would give the movie at least an 8.5. I still wish the beginning and end of the movie was somehow as dramatic or impactful as the rest of the movie. If it were me, I'd have omitted the two ends from the film and tag on some sort of narration instead.

Private Mellish (Adam Goldberg)

Curious to see if my opinion had any basis, I did a quick search and apparently I was not alone. One article writes "Nearly every commentator criticized this prologue and epilogue" and continues the paragraph citing specific critics and examples.

Private Caparzo (Vin Diesel)

The article, however, delves into why the two scenes are critical in the film's meaning. And, by the article's final point, I found the movie hit close to home: "But don't we all struggle under Ryan's moral burden? And how can Ryan, or for that matter any of us, ever pay such a dept -- and to whom?"

T-4 Medic Wade (Giovanni Ribisi)

Every so often I remember and value the sacrifice my parents made in coming to the United States. I then tell myself that I have been given a fortunate life and ask myself how I can "earn" the life I have been given.

In conclusion, I still don't like the beginning and end of the movie, but I appreciate their role in the film's meaning (as interpreted by the article). And, regardless, I would highly recommend this film to others.

Corporal Upham (Jeremy Davies)


Instant Comments:
Seems like a numbers game.
Gather guns and ammo.

Private Ryan (Matt Damon)

"Don't shoot, let 'em burn!"
"That's why we can't take children."
"Fuck Ryan."
Haha. It's not sad cause I already know he's not the right person. And even if someone hasn't seen the film but knows the main actors would know.

He's rewriting the letter.
Edward Burns looks a bit like Ben Affleck.
At least Ryan isn't an asshole.
Finally explains FUBAR.

Edith Piaf.
"I can't think of my brothers' faces."
"No, that one I save just for me."

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