Wish Upon a Star (1996)

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Wish Upon a Star (1996) Blair Treu.

Hayley Wheaton (Danielle Harris) and Alexia Wheaton (Katherine Heigl)

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I'm not sure if this is a family movie meant for all ages, due to the movie's content, and yet I believe it's meant to be a family movie. In any case, with a Freaky Friday body switch, two sisters wake up one day to find they've switched places. Initially trying to ruin each other's lives, the two begin to work together and become closer as siblings.

Overall, I thought it was a fun and enjoyable movie. The actresses Katherine Heigl and Danielle Harris are charming. Surprisingly, Harris (June 1, 1977) was already 19 when the movie released. While Harris is only a year younger than Heigl (November 24, 1978), movie magic made them look different in years; possibly a combination of their height difference (5'0" and 5'9"), wardrobe, and make-up.

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