Eagle vs Shark (2007)

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Eagle vs Shark (2007) Taika Waititi. 88 min

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Occasionally strange and depressing, this romantic comedy had some great laughs and interesting characters. In particular, the two main characters remind me of the character Napoleon Dynamite from the 2004 comedy of the same name, the similarity being in the awkwardness. For fans of television series Flight of the Conchords (2007,2009), Jemaine Clement's character in Eagle vs Shark is a bit like his character on the show, only nerdier and more awkward.

While I've only seen Napoleon Dynamite once, it's been years since having seen it and my impression is that Napoleon Dynamite is the funnier of the two movies. In contrast, Eagle vs Shark, being a romantic comedy, is the more dramatic and darker of the two. It borders on being a comedy-drama.

Ultimately, I found the plot unique and consequently found the movie enjoyable. I would recommend the movie to anyone looking for a fresh romantic comedy.

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Instant Comments:
Aww. This movie is starting off real sad. I figured all the names in the hat were hers. But to have her find out...
"She's a lesbian, she went to a lesbian party." "Typical."
"I actually almost came as a shark actually, but then I realized an eagle is slightly better."
Ha, her name almost takes up all the character spaces, "Dangerous Person."
Haha. "Watch-wallet."
Hahaha. That was unexpected. "My brother's dead."

Oh man, sibling rivalry. "You're a bitch, and you're gonna die of diabetes." Then his sister laughs.
Hahahaha. "You've got pornography on your computer screen."
Hahaha. It's sad, but funny: "I was joking. And you fell for it." ::laughs and cries as he bikes away::
Hahahahahahaha. She kills the seagull with the rock.
Ha. Electric guitar.
Aww... what a cute ending.


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