A Cat in Paris (2010)

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A Cat in Paris (2010) Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol. 70 min.
also known as Une vie de chat (original title)

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Partial Plot Summary:
The story is set in Paris and a young girl's cat spends its nights accompanying a cat burglar.

While Zoe, the young girl, wonders where her cat goes at night, the burglar likewise wonders what the cat does in the day. In any case, Zoe's mom Jeanne is a police detective and fails to give Zoe a sufficient amount of attention. The story gradually builds as Jeanne traces a piece of jewelry which the thief has stolen and the investigation leads to her own home. As it's a fairly short film, I'll end the summary there, leaving a good portion of the details and plot for you to watch!

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This film was a fun and exciting animation. At only seventy minutes long, it is a great, yet film; perfect for those times when you want to relax, but don't have more than two hours to spend relaxing.

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Instant Comments:
Haha. At first I was wondering why you would just leave diamonds and jewelry out. As opposed to locked in a case.

Ha, dumb dog.
Ha when he instructs her to go through the zoo, he calls her Zoe. Does that means she told him her name?
Or maybe he figured out some other way, because later he determines she doesn't talk, but at least she can laugh.
Dumb mom.


The final part of the film features the Notre-Dame de Paris. While in Paris, the only picture I snapped of the cathedral is from atop the Eiffel Tower accompanied by an overcast sky. Below I have placed a cropped copy of the photo with adjusted lighting; you'll also find a screenshot of the building as it appears in the film.

Notre-Dame de Paris:

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